2. Ella trabaja en una empresa

Ingles Nivel I
A) Traduzca al inglés:
1. Su nombre es Susana _________________________
2. Ella trabaja en una empresa _________________________
3. Ella tiene 31 años _________________________
4. Ella es muy inteligente. _________________________
B) Traduzca al castellano:
1. Marcos travels a lot _________________________
2. His job is difficult. _________________________
3. He is an accountant _________________________
4. He gets up at 7 am _________________________
C) Completar con la forma correcta del verbo entre paréntesis en Presente Simple:
1. They ______ in the park now (be)
2. Clara _________ to work by bus everyday. (go)
3. My parents ________ chess every weekend. (play)
4. My twin sisters _______ 8 years old (be)
5. Peter always ________ to Brazil by plane (travel)
6. Mary?s brother _______ in a big company (work)
7. The students ________ literature novels every month (read)
8. The football player _______ in the club today. (be)
9. Carla and Tom _________ in the river every day (swim)
10. Paul ________ Mary (love)
D) Seleccionar 3 oraciones del ejercicio anterior y pasarlas a negativo
1. ___________________________________
2. ___________________________________
3. ___________________________________
E) Elegir la opción correcta
There ____________are______________ three lions in the zoo.
A is B are C has D have
1 My brother ________________like sad films.
A hasn?t B doesn?t C haven?t D aren?t
2 We usually eat fish and chips for dinner _______________Fridays.
A in B on C at D to
3 My mother always has a cup of tea _______________ 4.30pm.
A in B to C on D at
4 Our uncle often gives _______________ big boxes of oranges.
A they B us C I D she
5 The policeman________________in a book at the moment.
A write B writing C is writing D are writing
6 I always _________________ my homework in the evening.
A does B to do C doing D do
7 ________________ you play the guitar?
A Can B Has C Does D Are
8 __________________ you always go to school on foot?
A Is B Are C Do D Does
9 ___________________ they playing in the football match today?
A Do B Does C Is D Are
Ingles Nivel II
A) Pasar al FUTURO las siguientes oraciones. ( cuidado las oraciones están en pasado!)
1. I went to the supermarket alone
2. Mary worked hard in the new company.
3. Tom?s father bought a new house in the Hamptoms
4. Alice got up late .
5. She arrived late to work .
B) Elegir la opción correcta.
1 I like ________________ to stories on the radio.
A listens B listening C are listening D listen
2 The children are washing ___________________ hands in the bathroom.
A us B them C their D she
3 ______________the rabbit sitting on the grass?
A Are B Do C Is D Does
4 My father always _______________ the dinner on Sundays.
A cooks B cooking C am cooking D cook
5 They _______________ walking to school this morning.
A isnt B doesnt C arent D dont
6 _____________are you so happy?? ?Because it´s my birthday today!
A Why B Where C When D What
7 __________________ you like tomatoes?
A Do B Does C Is D Are
8 My exam starts _________________9.30a.m.
A in B on C to D at
9 My sister ___________________a cake at school today.
A is making B make C making D are making
10 It is always cold ________________ December.
A at B on C to D in
C) Completar la oración con el verbo entre paréntesis en su forma correcta: pasado simple
1. Yesterday I ______ to the mall and I _______ a new book ( go- buy)
2. Mary _________ tennis last week ( not play )
3. They _________ dinner for the guests ( cook )
4. Peter ________ to the teacher in class ( not listen)
5. Last week they _________ to USA by plane and _______ their family there (travel- visit)
6. In the past there __________ a lot of pollution ( not be)
7. Last weekend they _________ at home . (stay)
8. Mary _______ to school because she _____ ill ( not go- be)
9. Last year Susan _________ a prize in a competition (win)
10. The students ________ in La Plata last year (be)
D) Seleccionar 5 oraciones del ejercicio anterior y armar la interrogación. (Pregunta con DID)
Ejemplo: : Did he go to work by car?
1. __________________________________________
2. __________________________________________
3. __________________________________________
4. __________________________________________
5. __________________________________________