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Title: Call Specialist (Information, Referral, Crisis Intervention)

Effective 5/28/08

Aiken County HELP LINE, Inc. Updated 5/7/15

Job Summary

Under limited supervision, the Call Specialist is responsible and accountable for delivering quality, professional Information, Referral and Crisis Intervention to individuals in need of assistance through use of a telephone and computer.

Essential Job Functions

Principle Duties and Responsibilities

% of Time

90 % Receives English and/or other language incoming 2-1-1/other contracted calls on the Help Line. Assess Clients needs and makes appropriate referrals to social service agencies, programs and services. Keep up-to-date, accurate records on all calls including follow-up calls, according to established protocols.

9 % Stays informed on social issues, programs and changes in services. Attends staff meetings and trainings, reviews emails (work related) prior to beginning of each shift, and reads the News panel on the Service Point Database for any/all changes/updates. Each of these functions ensure that each Call Specialist has the most current information and updates to assist them with providing high quality and accurate service to callers.

1% Assists with other assignments and tasks as needed.

Specific Duties:

Answer incoming calls/phone (to include chat features) during assigned work schedule.

Assess callers’ needs and makes accurate referrals to appropriate agencies, programs and services in the callers’ service area.

Provide crisis intervention, according to established protocols.

Gather and enter accurate and complete call transaction data on all caller contacts in database.

Perform and enter follow-up information as assigned.

Advocate for individuals experiencing difficulty or lacking the ability needed to make effective contact with agencies, programs and services.

Make scheduled follow-up calls as assigned and according to protocol.

Attend staff meetings, team meetings, on-site trainings, conferences and workshops as scheduled to improve professional skills.

Successful completion of AIRS CIRS certification within one year of eligibility to test.

Successful completion of any additional certifications for specific job knowledge and function. (Examples: Suicide Prevention, Disaster Response etc.).

Work effectively as a team member, but can work independently to complete all aspects of job duties.

Represent Aiken Help Line and 2-1-1 effectively to agencies and groups both on the telephone and in person.

Working and applied knowledge of the different contracts that we offer and how to provide service to each one.

Work assigned shift as scheduled, but is available to work different shifts in the event of a crisis or disaster where extra staffing is required.

Have access to a computer and internet/ DSL service in a remote location, for use during a crisis or disaster where staffing must occur at a separate location from the office.

Adhere to AIRS standards when completing all functions of job.

Review database changes, and perform other duties as required of a team member to insure the success of the Help Line 2-1-1.

Have good work attendance, and punctuality when reporting to assigned work.

Aiken County Help Line, Inc. is a 24 hour/7 day a week operation and often staff is required to work a holiday if scheduled shift falls on that day.

Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

Minimum of high school diploma or equivalent.

Experience in Nonprofit and Human Service Sector a plus!

Excellent Computer skills, to include data entry for primary function of job. Skill will be evaluated during interview.

Must be able to read, write and speak English.

Effective Verbal and Written Communication skills. Both will be demonstrated during interview.

Ability to use call center telephony equipment to answer incoming calls.

Demonstrate ability to perform all requirements of the job.

Ability to successfully complete the AIRS certification exam in accordance with

AIRS criteria.

Knowledge of community health and human services resources.

Ability to preserve confidential information.

Ability to foster a workable, effective and productive relationship with other staff, administrations, volunteers, agencies and clients.

Ability to adapt to changing call volumes while maintaining standards of high quality.

Effective communication skills, especially telephonic response and etiquette provided with compassionate objectivity.

Excellent organizational and record-keeping skills.

Work well with all types of people.

Maintain strict non-prejudiced confidentiality.

Can work independently.

Flexibility, ethical and empathic to needs of others in the workplace as well as on the HELP LINE hot line.

Equipment Used:

Personal Computer skills using Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook and Database

Software. Ability to operate telephone.

Working Conditions:

Work is carried out in a controlled, agreeable environment as generally represented by normal office conditions.

Physical Requirements:

Physical exertion includes bending, pushing, standing and walking.

Must be able to move or lift 25 lbs.

Good vision, speaking ability and hearing activity (with glasses and hearing aids if necessary).

Skill in use of computer screens, manual dexterity, and in use of keyboard.

Mental Aptitude Requirements:

Job requires analytical, conceptual, planning, follow procedures and processes for job, problem solving and decision-making skills. Ability to pass all tests and certifications as applicable to job. Demonstrate good memory skills; as well as ability to work alone and/or independently.

* In lieu of terminating an employee or when it better utilizes an individuals potential, the employer has the right to reassign an employee to a different position or shift (if one is available) to meet the needs of the agency. The employee has the right to decline this reassignment, but doing so willfully terminates their employment with this agency.

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