Board Member Position Description

Board Member Position Description
Adopted November 24, 2013
Board members serve as decision-makers, developing policies to govern the operations
of the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Association and monitoring the finances,
programs, and performance of the organization.
Under our bylaws, all board members shall be members of the Association and be
elected by members of the Association at an Annual meeting. Terms of office are for
two-years and are unlimited. Board vacancies may be filled by the board. Board
officers are elected by the board.
Obligations of the Board
 Establish objectives and priorities for organizational activities.
 Define policy and program outcomes, and monitor their effectiveness.
 Hire, fire, and oversee the work of personnel.
 Secure adequate funds.
 Monitor finances and ensure the financial health of the organization.
 Work within the policies and guidelines of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and
in accordance with the current Operating Agreement/Contract.
Specific Duties of Board Members
 Serve on at least one board committee or in an officer role.
 Read and understand all board policies and program plans.
 Be well-informed and prepared for meetings, including reviewing all documents
and meeting materials.
 Contribute skills, knowledge, and experience and listen carefully for other
 Assume leadership role in board activities with special emphasis on those
undertaken by a committee on which the board member serves.
 Support all decisions made by the Board and represent ONWA in a positive light
to the public, businesses, and the community.
 Respond to communications from board colleagues and FWS staff.
 Hold fellow board members and officers accountable for performing according to
board policies.
Expected Meeting Attendance
 Regularly attend and participate in scheduled meetings (about 12 per year).
 Attend and participate in committee meetings (about 6 per year).
 Attend and participate in board retreats, planning sessions, and board
development workshops (about one per year).
 Attend and participate in special events, such as Migratory Bird Week or Cars for
Critters (about 3 per year).
 Notify board colleagues whenever another commitment or illness will prevent
attendance at one of the above.
Specific Duties of Officers and Committee Chairs
 Be aware of the committee’s annual responsibilities and implement annual duties
as outlined in board policies and plans.
 Provide timely notice of all committee meetings.
 Provide adequate information about topics to be discussed to all committee
members and meeting attendees.
 Inform the board President or staff of any action items that must go before the
board at least eight days prior to any regularly scheduled board meeting.