CHEMISTRY IN CONTEXT - The Lexington School







Lab Orientation

Weekly Summary Sheet


1) The student will understand the function of the course web site and the variety of information that can be found there.

2) The students will understand our definition of syllabus and its function.

3) The student will conduct two labs to apply the scientific method.

4) The student will identify and briefly describe the function of a variety of glassware, apparatus, and materials.


1) What is the title of the 8 th

grade science course?

2) What does it mean to be multi-disciplinary ? What does it mean to be holistic ?

3) In your OWN WORDS, paraphrase the 4 key objectives of the 8 th

grade science course.

4) How many OOOPS vouchers do you receive per term/grading period?

5) What is the unwritten homework assignment ?

6) Who can request a quiz retake? What are the five guidelines for retakes?

7) Which of the following is NOT essential to bring to class on a daily basis: a writing utensil, your notebook, your textbook, a calculator, a pair of shoes for outdoor labs

8) On which day of the cycle will each of the following happen: a.

lecture/notes b.

quiz/tests c.

lab activities d.

homework distributed e.

homework is due f.

study guide is distributed g.

objective sheet is distributed

9) How many labs will/did we do in the first cycle?

10) Why is isopropyl alcohol a safety concern?

11) How does

Benedict’s reagent change when it is in contact with sugar? What helps to catalyze (speed up) this reaction?

12) Refer to the LAB ORIENTATION link from the syllabus. NAME each item. Briefly describe the FUNCTION of each item found in your lab cabinet.

13) Is the pre-lab briefing important? Why do you think?

14) What must be worn for every lab?

15) What cannot be placed in a trash can? Why?

16) Sketch a diagram of and label the parts of a hot water bath.

17) What does the green algae need that is “running off” into the TLS stream water?