Technology Enhanced
SPCO104/TEPE102 Introduction to Human
Anatomy and Physiology
• Students in Bed(PE)(Hons), and BSpC
• Year 1, Semester 1 course – set the scene
• 2 hour “lead lecture”
• 1 hour “lab”
• 1 hour “tutorial”
• Lots of our students avoided science in
school – the challenge – engage!
Section per week
Learning Outcomes
Lab Experience
Multichoice Quiz
Worksheet (& Answers)
Readings (Course text + Other)
Lectures – 2 hours to learn and engage
• Encourage attendance – welcome/chat in breaks
• Roll – informal surveys
• ‘Draw a smiley to show how the year is going
for you’
• ‘On a scale of 1(argh!) to 5(yay!)’:
• ‘How is this year going for you?’
• ‘How confident are you about the first test?’
• Pop Quizzes
• Videos
• Activities
Labs – a place to play
• Weekly labs – the harder the material, the brighter
and sillier the demos!
• Varied and fun experiences
• Cell structure: vocal choir
• Joints: knee dissection
• Nervous system: Multi-coloured card metre-long
card neurons
• Muscle contraction: pipe-cleaner models
• Skeletal system: build skeleton from pile of bones
Extras make a difference •
Highly-accessible lecturers
• Next day exam return
• EQ / SnowDay off-site tutorials
• Past papers (and answers)
• Kicking off revision…
Pub quiz! (without the pub…)