Hutchison proposal breakout 2014 conf

Application for Breakout Sesion for HTP Worldwide Conference 2014
Presenter Information Form
Presenter Information
First and Last Name: Cynthia Hutchison
Position / Title: Program Director, Healing Touch Program, HTP Instructor (all levels), HT
Practitioner and Holistic Nurse, Nurse Psychotherapist
Credentials: DNSc, RN, , CNS, HTCP, HTCI
Degrees: BSN, MSN, DNSc
Mailing Address with Zip Code: 4683 16th St, Boulder, CO. 80304
Home: 303 440 9181 Cell: 720 314 6033
Email: [email protected]
Presenter Bio:
Cynthia Hutchison is the Director of the Healing Touch Program™. An avid student of spirituality
and holistic healing since the early1980s, she is a doctorally-prepared nurse from the Catholic
University of America in Washington, D.C. (1987), Cynthia earned a master's degree as a
clinical specialist in mental health and has maintained a private practice for many years. In
1995, Cynthia initiated the research program for HT and became the first Director of Research,
a position she maintained until 2000. Beginning in 2003, she was mentored by Janet Mentgen
as the next Program Director to carry on Janet’s legacy of Healing Touch. Teaching
internationally and nationally, she brings much enthusiasm, empowerment and creativity to her
classes. A mother of three awesome grown daughters, Cynthia has lived in Boulder, Colorado
since 1993.
(125 words or less - note if biography is longer we reserve the right to edit at our discretion):
Select the box that best describes your level of public speaking experience.
Moderately Experienced
x Very Experienced
Have you previously presented or published this content? x Yes
I have taught sections of the content I will be presenting at different times and for different
venues/events. I will provide a few examples below.
If yes, please provide following information:
Date April 21, 2013 Location Town and Country Hotel, San Diego, CA., Healing Touch
California Annual Symposium
Date: 2012 Location: Shadowcliff Retreat Center, Grand Lake, CO
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HTP Regional Conference Presenter Application
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Date: 2010 Location: HTP Worldwide Conference Denver CO
Date: 2005 Location: Unitarian Church, Boulder, CO
Date: ongoing over the last several years Location: Level 3 HTP classes worldwide
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Conference Presenter Application
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Presentation Information
Presentation Title: Body Prayer as a Way to Align the Hara and Deepen Self Knowledge
Presentation Length: 90”
Presentation Description: This will be a 90 minute three part presentation. I will provide an
energetic description of the human energy system with emphasis on the Hara; I will
describe eurythmy as a method of body prayer; and I will offer several experiences of a
few prayers that all the attendees can practice in order to help reinforce and ground their
My energetic description of the human energy system comes from thirty years of
spiritual, esoteric and energy medicine studies and as many years of personal spiritual
practice. Incorporating the language and concepts of Barbara Brennan, Rudolph Steiner
(founder of Waldorf Education and biodynamic farming among others) and perennial
wisdom, the attendee will experience a new way to understand teachings from the
Healing Touch Level 3 curriculum.
Once our groundwork of language and theoretical framework is established, I will
describe an overview of the practice of eurythmy founded by Rudolph Steiner in 1912.
Eurythmy has been called ‘speech and music made visible’ . He translated his
clairvoyant abilities and visions into gestures, which when practiced, stimulate and
enliven the etheric space in and around us, bringing both observers and participants into
greater relationship with these life-giving spiritual forces. When one moves his/her body
in eurythmic gestures of a specific prayer or verse, the human soul and its forces of
thinking, feeling and willing become aligned with one’s birth intention.
After putting together the Healing Touch understanding of the hara with eurythmy (body
prayer), I will guide the participants in several examples of practice, sometimes with
words and sometimes in silence, to experience this form of prayer in various ways. The
prayers chosen have universal applicability and will not be aligned with any specific
religion. This is also true of Healing Touch as a practice in that it is transcultural,
universal and has wide appeal to any open minded person.
Some time (ten minutes) will be allowed at the end of the keynote for participants to ask
questions or to share their experience of the practice.
Please include a brief description of your presentation and how it will be applicable to the
students, practitioners and instructors of Healing Touch Program™. This may be a
separate attachment in a word document. Note: this is expected to be longer in length
and more descriptive than that the following request for the Presentation Marketing
Description for the brochure.)
Presentation Purpose - Complete the statement: The purpose of this presentation is…
To introduce attendees to a form of prayer that is universal, body oriented and
incorporates the energetic understanding of the hara line according to the Healing Touch
theoretical framework.
© Healing Touch Program™
Conference Presenter Application
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Presentation Marketing Description (max 75 words):
Most people think of prayer as a mind and heart activity, but when prayer includes
specific body movements and gestures, a person can more deeply experience his or her
soul aspects of thinking, feeling and willing. Eurythmy, founded by Rudolph Steiner in
1911, incorporates these soul aspects which also correspond to the hara: Point of
Individuation, Soul Seat and Tan Tien. Join us to understand and practice several body
prayers and see how eurythmy and Healing Touch are similar!
Planning Information
Please include the following information in the form below:
Learning Objectives
Learning objectives will be used in the presentation evaluation. Please provide three
objectives. Objectives must be one sentence that address one item, be measurable and
begin with an action verb (examples: Describe, demonstrate, identify, name, list, etc.). Have
the learning objective complete this sentence: “Upon completion of your presentation
attendees will be able to . . .”
List the presentation content as it relates to, and supports, each of the above stated
objectives. The content must be more than a restatement of the learning objective. Provide
the amount of time to be spent on that section of content and the teaching methods and
materials that will be used.
Time Frame
The time frame for all the objective must match the total presentation time (breaks not
Teaching Method and Materials:
List the teaching method (lecture, demonstration, etc) and the materials provided (handout,
workbook, chart, etc.)
Learning Objective 1: Describe an energetic understanding the hara as one of the four
dimensions of the human being.
Content that addresses Learning Objective 1: In the style of storytelling, the presenter will
describe the vibrational step down process of incarnating into a human body.
Time Frame: 15”
Teaching methods and materials used: lecture and powerpoint
Learning Objective 2: Describe eurythmy as an ancient form of temple dance which was
reintroduced in modern days as a way to enliven and stimulate the human energy body.
Content that addresses Learning Objective 2: Historical background on the art and science of
eurythmy and how it is similar to Healing Touch
© Healing Touch Program™
Conference Presenter Application
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Time Frame: 30”
Teaching methods and materials used: lecture, demonstration, audience participation, 3 minute
Learning Objective 3: Experience through thinking-feeling-willing practice, specific body prayers
that are universal and applicable to Healing Touch philosophy and understanding.
Content that addresses Learning Objective 3: Guided practice through simultaneous
demonstration and group participation through four universal prayers.
Time Frame: 35”
Teaching methods and materials used: Audience guided practice through live demonstration
Approximately ten minutes will be reserved at the end of the presentation to allow for group
feedback and questions/answers to help help ground this experience into an individual’s
© Healing Touch Program™
Conference Presenter Application
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