Part 1

Part 1
1) How many bits of data a second can the dial-up modem shown in the video handle?
2) What is the main problem with dial-up modems?
3) What do internet boost services claim?
4) What is the difference between compressing a file with WinZip and compressing it with
5) The presenter objects that graphics and music are already stored in a compressed format. So if
you want to compress them further, you may risk losing quality. What does the expert say in this
6) What practical tips does the present give to improve your internet connection without buying
internet boost software?
7) What is a driver?
Part 2
8) What is the Department of Homeland Security asking tech companies to do?
9) Which is the most popular internet search-engine?
10) Explain: Apple's slimmed down IPod.
Part 3
11) What is the original meaning of 'robot'?
12) What is a humanoid bipedal robot?
13) What can Asimo do?
14) Why was Asimo created?
15) How tall is it and why?
16) What cultural difference exists between the East and the West?
17) What do the engineers need to do to sell this kind of robot to the general public?
Part 4
18) What is the name of the first satellite radio shown in the programme?
19) Who do people working there say about conventional radio stations?
20) Who was satellite radio originally targeted at and why?
21) How do Americans see cars?
22) What is the other major satellite radio and hw many channels does it beam down?
23) What do you have to pay for if you want to get digital radio?
24) How many customers do they expect to have at the first satellite radio mentioned in the
programme by the end of the decade?
25) What technical innovation boosted the companies?
26) What is one of the major advantages of satellite radio?
27) What new services are satellite radio networks rolling out and who are they targeted at?
Part 5
28) Describe one of the three websites presented at the end of the programme.