Competitor Location Prediction for Real

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Competitor Location Prediction for Real-time Satellite Tracking of Outdoor Sport Events
Project Leader(s):
Michael Plank
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School of Mathematics and Statistics
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Elena Moltchnova
Shane Davidson
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Maprogress provides real-time satellite tracking to outdoor sport events like the Coast to Coast.
Each personal tracker worn by a competitor, with a clear view of the sky, sends its position and time
to a satellite overhead every few minutes. That signal bounces around ending up as a marker on a
Google Map alongside other competitors’ markers. Customers expect markers to move
continuously. If an event is travelling along a pre-defined route, we have the opportunity to predict
where they are now. For new events we can use a very basic average speed only prediction model
(for an example of this in action click on "Predicted Mode" at http://coast-to-coast1 For previously tracked events, we would like to use the past data to
determine current locations more accurately, but also to predict where competitors will be at a
future point in time. This project will be about developing a model for predicting current and future
positions using this past data.
If the project involves work away from the University campus (e.g., at fieldwork sites) please detail all locations.
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Benefits student will gain from involvement in the project
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The student will gain experience in applying the mathematical and statistical methods that they have studied
to a industry-led problem and working with real data sets. This will give them a wider appreciation of the
context of their field of study. They will gain marketable skills in communicating their ideas and results, both
verbally and in writing. They will also learn how to work and communicate effectively with industry partners.
Specific student requirements
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This project will suit a student with an interest in handling spatial data sets. Good programming
skills (e.g. in Matlab or R) are essential. Knowledge of data mining and multivariate modelling
methods (e.g. STAT315, STAT318, STAT319) is desirable though prior study of these courses in
not essential.