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Atul Wad has a Ph.D and M.S. from J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern
University, Evanston, IL. (Organizational Behavior and International Business, 1978) He also has a Bachelor
of Technology Degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, 1973).
Dr. Wad has over twenty five years of experience in sustainability, entrepreneurship, technology
management and innovation, and sustainable business strategy. He has taught courses and lectured on
technology management and strategy and international business. He specializes in the different aspects
of designing and implementing value added technology based ventures that build upon the competitive
resources and that produce social and environmental returns in addition to private. He has been involved
in starting or building such ventures in various sectors, advising corporations on sustainable business
strategies, developing support systems for technology based ventures (incubators), advising early stage
companies in technology strategy, management, marketing, and strategic alliance formation, assisting in
raising financing at various stages in the growth of these companies, providing policy analysis to
governmental and international agencies in the sustainability and technology areas, and conducting policy
research on the issues involved in new business development in emerging markets. He has also taught,
lectured and published in this field. Extensive experience with projects supported by development
agencies such as USAID.
Spring 2009
Winter 2009
Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University, Technological Institute (Principles of
Adjunct Professor, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
(Sustainable Innovation in Emerging markets)
President and Founder, Sustainable Technology Ventures.
2004- 2005
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Consultant to the Ford
Motor Company Center for Corporate Governance.
1993- 2003
President, Tambourine Technologies Inc.
TTI was founded by Dr. Wad in 1993 and specializes in providing managerial, financial and
strategic advisory services to start-up and existing technology based enterprises in the areas
of technology development, innovation management, market intelligence and strategy,
business planning, financial and investment analysis and project implementation.
1994 -1997
Associate Director, Institute for International Entrepreneurship, Northwestern Univ.
private firms and
the promotion of
Research Park IIE was established in November 1994 and focused on training and
in entrepreneurship. The Institute advised economic development agencies,
state and national governments in sustainable business development and
10/86 - 5/94
Director, Technology Programs, Northwestern University, International Business
Development Program (IBD)
IBD is a university-based unit, financed by contracts and grants, that provides advisory
services in international trade and technology to firms in the U.S. and overseas. Responsible
for all technology related activities, services in technology assessment, technology sourcing
and intelligence, technology transfer and management, joint venture services, training
programs, and management of external technology consultants to IBD. Also responsible for
major U.S. and foreign government contracts and grants. design and development of
technology and business development "systems" in developing countries. Project leader for a
major technology and business development program for Mexico and a study of TechnoBusiness Incubators in Korea and programs for technology based business development in
Latin America. Was responsible for development of new projects and raising grant funds.
1986 - 1994
Associate Professor of Research, Northwestern University (Center for the
Interdisciplinary Study of Science and Technology), Evanston, IL.
Responsible for research program on science and technology policy and management,
technological capabilities and organizational performance in developing countries, technology
acquisition, search and intelligence, science and technology policy, technology delivery
mechanisms, and implications for developing countries of changes in the global technological
environment. Technological change and industrialization in developing countries and their
environmental implications. Promotion of technological capabilities and entrepreneurship.
1983 - 1986
Consultant/Scientific Affairs Officer, United Nations Center for Science and
Technology for Development, New York, New York,
Advisor to the Center for the design and implementation of the Advance Technology Alert
System (ATAS) and various projects related to the requests of the Intergovernmental
Committee of Science and Technology of the General Assembly; and the Advisory
Council on Science and Technology for Development.
1981 – 1982
Assistant Professor, J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Taught
Management of Technology, International Business, and related courses.
05/80 - 06/80
Visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
07/79 - 08/79
Visiting Fellow, University of Sussex, Brighton, Sussex , Institute for Development
Studies and Science Policy Research Unit.
01/79 - 06/79
Research Fellow, International Peace Research Association,
1. Established Sustainable Technology Ventures (STV) as a private corporation to promote the
adoption of sustainable innovations by corporations in developing and industrialized countries.
STV focuses on the design, development, financing and implementation of commercial ventures
based upon the principles of sustainability (social, environmental and commercial benefits) and
resource optimization, and involving the deployment of innovative technologies to address the
challenges faced by developing countries. It also provides advisory services to operating and early
stage companies in sustainable business practices, the management of technology and
innovation,, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and financing.
2. Led a substantial program of research on science, technology and sustainability in developing
countries at the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Science and Technology at Northwestern
University, including raising funds, winning grants and contracts, organizing workshops, seminars
and conferences and publication of research reports and papers. Taught MBA courses in
International Business, Management of Innovation
3. Developed the technology, trade and emerging markets consulting practice at Northwestern
University’s International Business Development Program and generated a substantial base of
private and public sector clients in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia as well as
the U.S. Developed collaborative programs with universities and research institutes in several
countries. Led a team of researchers and consultants. Created several new practice areas
(business incubators, technology intelligence, competitive strategy, sustainable business, trade
4. Designed and implemented the first incubator for environmentally sound technology based
ventures in Mexico in the State of Yucatan and coordinated a state wide program on private
sector development and trade and investment promotion. Coordinated a team of private and
public sector personnel as well as academicians and researchers.
5. Advised and raised seed capital for several early stage ventures, including a Jamaican essential
oil producer that now has the largest export market share in the country, an aquaculture start-up
in Mexico and a natural fibers company with operations in Costa Rica.
6. Member of a three person team at the United Nations that developed the Advance Technology
Alert System (ATAS) – a mechanism to alert developing countries to the implications of
technological change in various sectors. ATAS is now a permanent program of the United
7. Started Tambourine Technologies as a consulting firm specializing in providing services to
technology based and start-up ventures in emerging markets with clients in several countries.
In all cases, worked with interdisciplinary and international teams of professionals
Dr. Wad is the author of numerous articles, research reports, reviews and papers on technological
innovation, entrepreneurship, economic development, science and technology policy and international
business and the editor of “Science, Technology and Development” (Westview Press)
(Excluding Private Clients)
United States Agency for International Development (USAID): United Nations Center for Science and
Technology for Development (UNCSTD): United Nations Financing System for Science and Technology
(UNFSSTD); United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO); United Nations Fund for
Science and Technology for Development, (UNFSTD); United Nations University, (UNU) Tokyo
The World Bank; Scientific Research Council, Jamaica; Institute of Business, University of the West
Indies, Jamaica; Foundation for International Training, Canada; Sichuan Provincial Commission of
Science and Technology, People's Republic of China; Regional Center for Technology Transfer, United
Nations, Bangalore; Inter-Regional Coordination Committee of Development Associations (ICCDA)
United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Special Unit for Technical Cooperation Among
Developing Countries; International Development Research Center, (IDRC), Canada
International Peace Research Association, Food Policy Study Group; War on Want; National Science
Foundation; Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR); SRI International; IMCC, Washington
D.C.; IBTCI, Virginia; Abt Associates
Married, two children
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