Sample exam questions Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sample exam questions Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Multiple choice questions
An entrepreneur creates new business in the face of risk and uncertainty for the purpose of
achieving profit and growth by identifying ...
a) Products
b) People
c) Opportunities
d) Jobs
Which one of the following statements is not (!) a valid reason why small businesses are
important to a country’s economy
a) They tend to keep salaries small
b) They can provide specialist support to larger companies
c) They can be innovators of new products
d) They provide competition to large companies
Open question
1A) Wickham refers to entrepreneurship as: “Entrepreneurship is a management style”. Mention
three aspects of “entrepreneurial management” and define what they mean.
1B) Wickham mentions five different types of persons that become an entrepeneur. Mention four
types and explain.
1C) Define three push and three pull factors related to entrepreneurship and explain them with
the help of examples