Worksheet for Persuasive Speech

Genetically Altered Foods
Specific Purpose Statement: I want my audience to agree that genetically
altered foods can pose health risks to consumers and our environment.
Thesis: Because of the health risks that genetically altered foods pose for the
individual and environment, organically grown foods are the safe and healthy
Attention Step: Focus audience on your message and give them a reason
for listening. This step includes an attention-getter, a thesis, a statement
of credibility, and a preview of the speeches main points.
Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”? Well in dealing with
genetically engineered foods, this is not necessarily a good thing; in fact, it can be
very harmful.
Need Step: Show audience members that a present state of affairs is
undesirable or needs changing.
Genetic engineering will actually create more problems that it will solve.
• Mutated genes can cause many health hazards.
• Genetically altered foods can be harmful to the environment.
Satisfaction step: Offer a solution to satisfy the need.
But, there are ways to stop the harmful effects of genetic engineering. Organic
farming is one way to stop these damages.
Visualization Step: Describe what will happen if the solution is adopted
or the consequences of not adopting the solution.
Imagine a world where the foods had few nutrients, the soil is contaminated,
and global warming is prominent. This is a world where no organic crops are
grown…a world where genetic engineering of plants is widely used.
Action Step: Ask the audience to implement the proposal outlined in the
satisfaction step.
You can help yourselves and the environment by supporting organic growth.
• One way you can help keep yourselves and your environment healthy is
by showing your support for organic farming.
• Another way to support organic growth is by assuring that the meat you
eat, such as chicken and beef, is not fed any kind of genetically
engineered foods.