Course Description

University of Detroit Mercy
College of Business Administration
MBA 522 Financial Management
Spring 2008
Ali Ozbeki
Phone: (586) 492-7095
- Information Systems & Services, General Motors Corporation
- Ph.D. in Structural Engineering 1984
- Master of Business Administration 1992
- Master of Financial Engineering 2004
Textbook: Principles of Corporate Finance
Office Hours: By Appointment
Exams will be closed book and closed notes.
No make-up exams are allowed
Final Exam:
Course Description
The primary goal of a firm is to maximize stockholder wealth in socially responsible ways. To attain this goal,
the firm must perform three major functions: financial planning and control (supportive tools), the efficient
allocation of funds (investment), and the acquisition of funds on favorable terms (financing). The basic
purpose of this course is to help the student better understand these three functions through their real-world
applications: case analyses, internet exercises, term papers, and other practical assignments. In other words,
the course will use a combination of case presentation, lecture/discussion, and other projects.
Tentative Outline
Chapter 1: Finance and the Financial Manager
Chapter 2: Present Values, the Objectives of the Firm, and Corporate Governance
Chapter 3: Present Value
Chapter 4: The Values of Bonds and Common Stocks
Case 1: Reeby Sports
Chapter 5: Why Net Present Value Leads to Better Investment Decision Than Other Criteria
Exam 1
Chapter 7: Introduction to Risk, Return, and the Opportunity Cost of Capital
Chapter 8: Risk and Return
Case 2: Restructuring the Capital Structure at Marriott
Chapter 9: Capital Budgeting and Risk
Chapter 14: An Overview of Corporate Financing
Chapter 19: Financing and Valuation
Exam 2
Group Assignment
The class will be divided into groups of 3 or 4. Each group will do all two cases which require a report. Each
group will need to make one presentation. Reports should be submitted on the of the case study.