Dear Homeowners,
There have been some questions regarding the duties of the management company in
regards to Winner’s Circle. Hopefully this will answer your questions and help you
understand the need for a management company.
As you know, the Board members are volunteers elected by the members of the
association. All of the members on this particular Board have full time jobs. Board
members cannot be paid for their services. With a community the size of Winner’s Circle
there is quite a lot of work to be done and it has become too burdensome for 5 people to
handle on top of their demanding jobs and without being paid. Advanced Association
Management is contracted to perform the following duties:
Oversight of the maintenance of the common areas. AAM has a $500 spending
limit without Board approval. This means that the Property Manager advises the
Board of repairs that are needed, solicits proposals and oversees the work, this
includes routine maintenance contractors. In regards to the gate, there will always
need to be a volunteer that lives at Winner’s Circle to assist with this as gates
require extra attention and the Property Manager is not an electronic gate expert.
Jonathan Hooper has volunteered to continue assisting with the gate issues.
AAM will make physical inspections of Winner’s Circle twice each month and
make all reasonable efforts of enforcement of the Deed Restrictions. There are
laws mandated by the State regarding deed enforcement that have to be complied
with such as verbiage in letters, cure periods etc. This means that in some cases
getting a violation cured can take some time. Some homeowners will continue to
incur fines and never cure the violation. In cases like this the manger will take
direction from the Board as to any legal action the association may want to
Full accounting services which include accounts payable, accounts receivable,
collections, monthly reconciliation and preparation of a monthly financial
package to be submitted to each Board member. The package includes but is not
limited to a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, reconciled bank statements,
aging report and copies of all invoices and checks written for the month.
Collection of delinquent accounts is always done at the Board’s direction.
Accounting service includes preparation of the annual budget and audit
Preparation or cause to be prepared the annual franchise tax return and the federal
tax return.
Assistance to the Board in obtaining recommendations and premium costs for
insurance policies and maintaining proof of the insurance.
Homeowner assistance in regards to issues they may have with their neighbors,
the common areas, communication with the Board and the ARC.
Provide necessary documents to the title companies in order to facilitate the
closing of homes in accordance with State law.
Attendance of one monthly Board meeting at their discretion and one annual
meeting of the membership. The Property Manager may be available for
additional meetings as determined by the Board and in accordance with the
management contract.
Advising the Board on legal issues, collection issues and laws that may impact
enforcement of the Deed Restrictions.
Preparation and mailing of letters, notices, newsletters etc. to homeowners.
Maintenance of individual homeowner files and transfer of ownership as homes
Storage of the association’s records.
The management company sent out homeowner surveys requesting information that
could be used for a roster or assistance in emergency situations. A roster has been started
on the forms we got back, but enough of them have not been received to warrant sending
out a new directory at this time, hopefully in the near future.
If you need to file a report or a complaint to the Property Manager, please have specific
information available when you make the call and include an address if it concerns
another homeowner. The management company does not resolve disputes between
homeowners, issues between a homeowner and their builder or law enforcement issues.
If you would like to contact Advanced Association Management you may do so by email,
fax or telephone. The contact information is as follows:
Michele Hernandez
Advanced Association Management, Inc.
17194 Preston Road, Suite 102-349
Dallas, TX 75248
972-248-2238 O
972-248-2286 F
[email protected]
Thank you for your patience and understanding while we go through the transition
period. Please do not hesitate to call if you need assistance.
Agent for Winner’s Circle Homeowners Association
Michele Hernandez
Michele Hernandez, CMCA, AMS
Property Manager

Dear Homeowners - Winners Circle HOA