Study Guide – Exam I

Study Guide – Exam V
PSYC 4203 – Psychology of Personality
Spring, 2010
Two of the following will be on Exam V:
What is operant conditioning? Under what conditions is the occurrence of behavior made
more or less probable?
Describe the various schedules of reinforcement and their relationships to the
development of healthy and unhealthy behavior.
Why is Skinner opposed to the use of punishment to control behavior?
Define freedom of movement and minimal goal. Show how these concepts can be
combined and used in the prediction of behavior.
Define internal-external control of reinforcement and show how the measure is used to
predict behavior in a variety of situations.
Why does Rotter conclude that knowledge of the psychological situation is important for
the accurate prediction of behavior?
Describe Bandura's self-efficacy theory.
What is triadic reciprocal determinism?
What characteristics of models are likely to affect observers' imitative behavior?