Engineering Design Process: Tic-Tac-Toe

Engineering Design Process: Tic-Tac-Toe
Instructions: do three boxes in a row.
Crate a foldable with the 6
steps of the engineering design
process on the outside and a
description of each step on the
Re-write the explanations in
different words.
1.) List the 6 steps of the
engineering design process.
2.) Then, for each step, predict
what might happen if that step
wasn’t followed.
1.) Explain the engineering
design process. 2.) Describe
why it is important to follow
the steps.
Create a graphic organizer that
displays each step of the
engineering design process.
1. identify the need
2. research materials
3. design possible solutions
4. create a prototype
5. test prototype
6. make improvements
1.) Under which step of the
engineering design process
would you classify the
following scenario:
Ms. Parris wants to make an
emergency stove that will
cook food without electricity.
2.) Justify your answer.
Ford has created a new metal
alloy with which to build cars
and trucks. It is strong but also
Design a way to test the
prototype (a sheet of the new
metal) for strength.
Imagine that you have
designed an electric generator
(see pg. 440 of your book for
information on generators).
Develop a plan for how you
would test the prototype.
A company has developed a
new fiber with which to make
ropes. An engineer wants to
test the fiber by attaching one
end of a rope to a wall and the
other end to a truck. He would
have the truck pull on the rope
and record the force needed to
break the rope.
1.) Propose a different method
of testing the prototype.
2.) Evaluate both methods.
3.) If you were the boss, which
method would you choose?