Introduction to Zoology lab

Introductory Microbiology - BIOL 2210
Dr. Heather Townsend
Fall 2012
Lab Syllabus
All students must have completed an MSDS sheet.
You have the option to wear lab coats during experiments. Closed toed shoes must be worn at ALL
times; you will be asked to leave the lab if you are not properly clothed. It may also be a good idea to
wear clothes that you do not mind getting stained.
Laboratory Notebook:
It is up to you to take notes during lab. These notes should include the procedures followed, and more
importantly, the results. You are responsible for the information during the labs for the quizzes and final
cumulative lab practical. If you are absent on a lab day, it is up to YOU to get the missing information
from your lab partner.
Laboratory Exercises:
After a brief introduction, you will complete the assigned laboratory exercises as a group. I will be
walking around to help with questions. Be sure to read labs BEFORE coming to class to have some
understanding of what we will be doing. You will complete the daily lab reports in pairs. Also, there
may be times that additional handouts are distributed….it is up to you to keep these, as they will be on
the quizzes and final practical as well.
The laboratory portion of this class accounts for 30% of your final grade. Please note that all portions of
the lab are MANDATORY. Also, it is required that you pass the laboratory portion of this class as well
as the lecture! You cannot miss any more than THREE laboratories; any more than this may result in a
failing grade for the lab. I drop the lowest daily lab report grade, so you can miss one lab and not have it
count negatively towards you (the exception to this is attendance and lab reports for the unknown labs,
which are mandatory). The breakdown of the lab grade is as follows:
Unknown lab report I:
Unknown lab report II:
Lab reports:
Final practical:
Making up labs and quizzes:
Since this lab only meets once per week, labs CANNOT be made up; if you are absent on the day of a
lab, it is your responsibility to get the information from another student. There are also NO makeups if
a quiz is missed. You will lose 10 points on your overall lab report grade if you are late that day.
Additional info:
- Lab reports and assignments WILL NOT be accepted via e-mail.
- Late arrival to lab may result in loss of points from that days exercises (reports).
- Lab experiments cannot be kept after the lab is completed; this means that if you are not here,
you will not get your own results. It is up to you to get the missed information from another group.