Algebra 2 Review steps

Algebra 2 Exam Review steps
Step 1: Each student should look through his or her binder and find review
packets for our major tests and quizzes. These include Quadratics,
Functions and Transformations, Trigonometry and Logarithms. Remember
Functions and Transformations and Trigonometry were MAJOR units. We
took several quizzes and tests over these two topics. The first step should be
re-working some of those problems to refresh your memory on what you
have learned this semester.
Step 2. Create a study guide. This review guide should include a specific
list of what we have covered. I recommend you generate the list by using
the reviews I mentioned above. Important formulas and example problems
should be included to create a helpful review tool.
Step 3: Work the review packet. I give this packet to students about a week
before the exam.
Step 4: Check your answers and create a list of questions. Be sure to bring
those questions with you to our in class review days.
Step 5: ASK your questions – during class or ISHP. You may also want to
form a study group and ask a friend. It will be helpful to both you and your
friend when you discuss your questions.
Step 6: Work some more problems. You should copy problems from the
review packet, old homework assignments, or you textbook onto a blank
sheet of paper and re-do them. Afterwards, check your accuracy.
Step 7: Create a hand written note card for use on the exam. The note card
must be in your own handwriting and should not be larger than 4 x 6.
Step 8: Get a good night sleep and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch.
Step 9: Be confident and do your best.
Congratulations on a job well done!!!
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