AP reaction Prediction Worksheet #2

AP Reaction Prediction Worksheet #33
Directions: predict product and write net ionic equation for the following reactions. If it doesn’t specifically say, assume all acids and
bases are aqueous solutions
1. Bromine is added to propane
Describe bromine in its standard state
2. hot magnesium is added to a flask of fluorine gas.
Predict ∆S for this reaction. explain
3. Lithium carbonate is strongly heated
Draw the lewis structure for carbonate
4. zinc is placed in a solution of lead(II) nitrate
which speices is oxidized?
5. ethene is burned in oxygen
how many pi bonds in ethane?
6. a solution of barium chloride is added drop by drop to a solution of sodium carbonate
what steps would you take to determine the amount of precipitate if this were done in lab (not the
7. solid potassium oxide is added to water
what color would phenolphthalein turn. why
8. strontium chlorate decomposes
write the formula for hypochlorite
9. solid copper(II) oxide is reduced completely with solid carbon
what is a test for gas produced
10. solid sodium hydroxide is added to a solution of nitric acid
what is the pH of the solution at the end point explain
11. excess ammonia is added to a solution of copper (II) acetate, forming a complex ion
what would be the color of ion formed
12. chlorine gas, an oxidizing agent, is bubbled through a solution of lithium iodide at 30oC
what would be two evidences of a chemical reaction
13. excess nitrous acid is added to solid magnesium carbonate
if you put carbonic acid as a product I will smack you
14. aqueous potassium sulfite is combined with aqueous hydroiodic acid
read above only insert sulfurous acid
15. solutions of sodium sulfate and calcium chlorate are combined
what is the limiting reactant if two moles of each are combined?
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