Alchemy Assistant

Physical Science
The Alchemist’s Assistant Project
• The local alchemist is running short on supplies.
• She has asked for assistance in obtaining these supplies.
• To do so, you will need to leave the Realm of Classcraft and enter our
• For each item on the supply list, there is information that you will
have to look up in order to “check it off of the list”
Supply list
• Alum
• Bitter salt
• Brimstone
• Chinese white
• Gypsum
• Indian red
• Lime
• Lye
• Muriatic acid
• Aluminum oxide
• Magnesium sulfate
• Sulfur
• Zinc oxide
• Calcium sulfate
• Ferric oxide
• Calcium oxide
• Sodium hydroxide
• Hydrochloric acid
• Paris white
• Plumbago
• Potash
• Quicksilver
• Saltpeter
• Vitriol
• Calcium carbonate
• Graphite
• Potassium carbonate
• Mercury
• Potassium nitrate
• Sulfuric acid
• For each item on the list, you will need to determine
• The chemical name
• What its uses USED to be
• What its uses ARE today
• How did it used to be made
• Where can you find it/buy it today?
Your grade and your ClassCraft reward
• Besides the original names, there are 75 individual facts to look up
• Your grade will be based on percentage correct of all facts
• ClassCraft rewards
• For each supply item, you will receive 20GP and 25XP (if all
information is correct)