Characteristics of Effective Teamwork

Characteristics of
Effective Teamwork
1. The team must take responsibility and accept
credit for its actions as a group and not
2. Teams must be committed to a common
purpose and goal.
3. Teams must be provided clear expectations
and adequate resources to accomplish its goals.
4. The team must be able to communicate
effectively with each other.
5. Team members must encourage new ideas
from others.
6. Members of the team must be trustworthy.
7. Members of the team must put the team’s
goals ahead of self-interests.
8. Members of the team must learn to
appreciate the diversity of knowledge that the
other team members have to offer.
9. Members of the team must be creative and
unafraid to share opinions, ideas, and
10. Members of the team must avoid conflicts
when challenges occur, and instead focus on
overcoming those challenges.
Why Teams Fail
1. The team experiences “groupthink.”
2. The team takes too long to finalize a
decision, resulting in poor decisions making.
3. The team is over managed and not allowed
to work as a team.
4. Alliances that have different goals are
allowed to form within the team.
5. The team is unable to visualize or accept
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