Exam Checklist - Madison County Schools

I Can Statements
Name: __________________________
o I understand the definition of the following terms/people, their significance in Sociology, related
terms/people/theories and can connect each to real-life situations or examples:
o Deviance
o Stigma
o Deterrence
o Social Control
o Retrospective Labeling
o Rehabilitation
o Criminal Justice
o Differential Association
o Primary Deviance
o White Collar Crime
o Hate Crime
1. I can explain what the conviction and imprisonment of Martha Stewart suggests about punishment in
the United States.
2. I can explain the difference between crime and deviance.
3. I can explain what role biology plays in causing people to commit crimes.
4. I can identify the theory by Walter Reckless and Simon Dinitz that claimed that "good boys" have the
ability to control deviant impulses.
5. I can identify the four responses to the inability to succeed from Merton’s strain theory.
6. I can define and give appropriate examples of each response from #5.
7. I can identify who Albert Cohen and Walter Miller argue deviance is most likely to arise among.
8. I can explain the basic idea behind labeling theory.
9. I can give an example of the onset of secondary deviance.
10. I can give examples of the “medicalization of deviance”.
Chapter 9
Pages: 222-251
11. I can identify the three questions we ask to determine whether behavior is a moral issue or a medical
12. I can identify groups of people that would likely be deviant according to Travis Hirschi's control theory.
13. I can identify what a society labels as deviant is based on, according to the social-conflict approach.
14. I can name the two components that make up a crime.
15. I can give an example of a victimless crime.
16. I can identify what percentage of violent crime arrests are men.
17. I can list four ways in which, according to Emile Durkheim, deviance is functional for society as
a whole.