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All the answers are factual and short, don’t search using whole sentences but use the key words.
Get in to the habit of saving your work every few minutes, so that if there is a problem you haven’t lost all your
1. What number is opposite 10 on a dartboard? 14
2. Where Lesotho and what is its capital? Maseru
3. If someone gave you some brine, what would they be giving you? Sodium chloride
4. Teflon is a man made substance, what is so special about it? It is a chemical used on cookware
5. When was Luton Town FC started? In 1885
6. To what notes are the strings on a guitar tuned to? E,A,D,G,B and E
7. How many brothers and sisters did William Shakespeare have? 7 brothers and sisters
8. What is the unit of currency in Poland and what does the word actually mean? Zloty and it means golden
9. Which famous figure stands on the top of the column in Trafalgar Square? Admiral Horatio Nelson
10. What is unusual about the Manx Loghtan sheep? These sheep have 4 to 6 horns and are used as milking
11. What animal does the drink ‘airag’ come from? cairo
12. If you bought 3 gross of pencils how many would you have? 432 pencils
13. Find out using the TFL website what is the minimum time it would take to travel from Piccadilly Circus to the
Natural History Museum if you travelled at 9am on a weekday?
14. If you wanted to go to the Kent County Show, which train station would you get off at? Maidstone train
15. In metres work out how much taller the Burj Dubai will be compared to the Petronas Towers when it’s built?
16. In what country does the plant Halothmanus Beckettii grow? Somalia
17. What is pencil lead made out of?Graphite,which is a complex molecule of carbon atoms
18. What is the meaning of the French word coulissant?Sliding
19. How many zeros would one googol have?100
20. Which English county is directly North of Staffordshire? Derbyshire
21. What time does Manchester Museum open on Mondays? 11am-4pm
22. Medusa is a woman found in the Greek myths, what happened to people who looked at her? They turned to
23. Who came 2nd in the Isle of Man TT SENIOR motorcycle race in 1992? (hint use their database) Phillip
24. Which is the next station after Porthmadoc on the Ffestiniog Railway? Boston lodge halt
25. What event was dropped from the Olympics in 1920?football
26. Which range of mountains separates France from Spain? The Pyrenees Mountains
27. What three flavours make up a Neapolitan ice cream? Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate
28. What would you see if you stood at 21o 24’ N and 72o11’East? (use Google Earth)
29. What is measured in units of Lux?
30. What is the name of Postman Pat’s black and white cat?
31. In 1978, who became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
32. Mars has two moons. Phobos is one, but what is the other one called?
33. In which year was the Mary Celeste found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean with no sign of her crew?
34. Who was the last man on the moon?
35. What was Little Miss Muffit eating when the spider sat beside her?
36. What did King Solomon order to be done to settle a dispute about a child?
37. If two sheets of A4 sheets of paper are put side by side what is the new paper size created?
38. What is the Babbage Engine?
39. If you walked east along Cairndhuna Terrace which road would you meet?