Study Guide for Chapter 1 Heat Energy

Study Guide for Chapter 9 Heat Energy
1) RE-READ the entire chapter and study the darkened words every night until the
2) Have someone quiz you on the meaning of the words and how to use them.
3) The following are some study guide questions to think about.
1) What are the three types of heat transfer? Explain all three in detail.
2) Give some examples of when the different types of heat energy are used.
3) What are conductors and insulators?
4) Explain the difference between temperature and heat.
5) How does heat move?
6) How does a thermometer work?
7) Know how to convert temperature from Kelvin to Celsius and back.
8) Know the boiling and freezing point of water on the Kelvin and Celsius scale.
9) Know how a thermostat works.
10) Study, Study, Study!!