James Madison Memorial High School

Madison Memorial High School
Business &
Information Technology
Accounting for Dual
Transcripted Credit-BUS 420
1 credit
Department Website: http://memorialweb.madison.k12.wi.us/business
Course Description:
This introductory course is designed to help you understand basic accounting
principles and procedures. The two major objectives are (1) preparation for a career in an accounting or any
business-related field, & (2) preparation for personal uses of accounting in your everyday life. Major concepts
include how to record perpetual business transactions, determine a business profit or loss, prepare financial
reports and budgets, and analyze financial statements for personal and business decisions. Students that enroll in
this course will be eligible to receive college transcripted credit. A Wisconsin state-sponsored Youth
Apprenticeship program is available in the area of accounting.
Transcripted Credit: Students will be concurrently registered in Madison Area Technical College’s
Accounting course 10-101-111-0901. To receive credit, students must complete this course with a grade of
85% or better on all work including the final exam.
Required Reading:
Fundamental Accounting Principles-18th Edition, John Wild (UW-Madison) & Kermit Larson (TexasAustin) & Barbara Chiappetta (Nissau College), McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-07-299656-0
Topics of Instruction:
1 Accounting in Business
2 Analyzing and Recording Transactions
3 Adjusting Accounts and Preparing Financial Statements
4 Completing the Accounting Cycle
5 Accounting for Merchandising Operations
6 Inventories and Cost of Sales
7 Accounting Information Systems
8 Cash and Internal Controls
9 Accounting for Receivables
Course Activities and Assessment:
*Points listed are only an estimate and may change at the discretion of the instructor.
Quarter Grades = Daily Work (40%) + Chapter Tests (60%)
Semester 1 = Quarter 1 (40%) +Quarter 2 (40%) + Semester 1 Exam (20%)
Semester 2 = Quarter 3 (40%) +Quarter 4 (40%) + Semester 2 Exam (20%)
High School Grade Breakdown: 100%-85%=A, 84%-70%=B, 69-55%=C, 54%-40%=D
College Grade Breakdown: 100%-93%=A, 92%-87%=AB, 86%-85%=B
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