Class: Cambridge 6th Grade
Instructor: Mrs. Janelle Flores
Contact: [email protected] 928-753-6216
Course Overview:
The curriculum is designed to help students build:
Foundational knowledge and confidence for further study
Learning skills to be able to read, write, and speak clearly and accurately
Critical thinking skills to observe, interpret, and analyze information
Problem solving skills to consider and solve problems, interpret and communicate results
The core curriculum is designed to be accessible for all children. The Extended curriculum is
available for students who are highly capable and highly motivated.
Language Arts: Students will cover the following topics during the school year.
ReadingFiction and Science Fiction
Contemporary folk and fairytales
Old literature, including drama
Narrative and non-narrative poems
Significant poems before 1900
Non-Fiction Texts
Diaries, Letters
WritingConventions and construction
Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes,
Journalistic writing
Genres: Informative,
Explanatory, Descriptive,
Argumentative, and Persuasive
Math: Students will cover the following topics during the school year.
Semester 1Ratios and Proportional Relationships
The Number System
Expressions and Equations
Mathematical Practices
Semester 2Expressions and Equations
Statistics and Probability
Mathematical Practices
While using and learning all of these mathematical processes students will also be expected to
justify their answers in multiple ways.
Science: Students will cover the following topics during the school year.
Semester 1Scientific Method
Unit 7.1 Living Things
Unit 7.2 Solids, Liquids and Gases
Unit 7.3 Energy Transformations
Unit 7.4 Microorganisms and Disease
Semester 2Unit 7.5 The Earth and Beyond
Unit 7.6 Putting Things into Groups
Unit 7.7 Habitats and Environment
Unit 7.8 Acids and Bases
Unit 7.9 Forces and their Effects
Social Studies: Students will cover the following topics during the school year.
Semester 1World Geography/Map Skills
Archaeology/Early Humanity
Hunters, Gatherers and Migration
Dawn of Mesopotamia
Ancient Egyptian Culture
Ancient Greece
The Dynasties of China
Enduring Culture of India
Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
Semester 2World Religions
Byzantines to the Middle Ages
Age of Exploration
Life in Mesoamerica
Grading Policy: Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies are all core classes. Each is
worth one point towards promotion to the 7th grade. Please see the agenda for explanation of
the point system.
Grading Scale:
80-89% -B
0-59% - F
Quarter grades will be weighted per subject area:
60%- Classwork/Projects/Activities
10%- Quizzes/Tests
10%- Biweekly Assessments
10%- Participation
10%- Responsibility (Bell Work, Agenda, Papers Sent Home for
Semester grades will be weighted per subject area:
Quarter 1– 45%, Quarter 2– 45%, Final Exam- 10%
Quarter 3- 45%, Quarter 4- 45%, Final Exam- 10%
Absent/Missing Assignments:
 If a student is absent they are responsible for asking for their missing work when they
return. The student should ask for this work before or after class or during lunch. The
student will have 1 week from the day they return to complete and turn in their work for
full credit.
 If a student has a missing assignment they will have 1 week from the day it is missing
to turn it in for HALF credit.
After 1 week the assignments will become a zero and will not be able to be made up.
Class Structure:
 This class will be student inquiry based with teacher support.
 Use of the textbooks will serve as the ongoing development of refined skills, but will not
be the only source of information.
 The class will learn through a variety of activities, projects, exploratory writing,
research, discussion, lecture, video clip, and power point presentations.
 The class will use technology, primary source documents, collaboration, and participant
 The preferred method of communication between school and home is by email or
 All messages received will usually be responded to within twenty-four hours.
 Families are encouraged to use Synergy ParentVue/StudentVue and the WCMS website
for grades, supplementary class information, and school activities.
 Meetings are handled by appointment only.
 It is expected that all conversations be student centered, positive, productive, and
courteous. What is best for the student will remain the primary focus of all decisions.
There will be an online textbook, for Science and Social Studies, which the students can use at
home. The username and password will be given to the students during the first few days of
school. The student will be writing this information in the front of their agenda.
Language Arts:
Students will possibly read the following throughout their 6th grade year. A class copy
will be provided for students to use in the class. Students are not required to purchase
the following books; however, if the student would like their own copy to take home,
mark, or study in more depth, the student will need to purchase his/her own copy.
 The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World by Susan Mulclaire
 The Acorn People by Ron Jones
 The Golden Goblet by Jarvis McGraw
 Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
 The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan
 King Arthur: Tales from the Round Table by Andrew Lang
 Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman
We will also use Harcourt (Trophies) Text and other reading materials, throughout the year.
Social Studies:
Textbooks may be checked out from the library and must be returned the following day.
If your family has internet access, students may use the online edition. This is the
preferred method as there is nothing to lose, misplace, or damage.
Glencoe and Cambridge Checkpoint Series
Holt Science & Technology and Cambridge Checkpoint Series
Classroom Expectations:
Follow Classroom rules
Be on time
Be prepared for class
Be considerate and respectful
Show respect for school property and students
Hand in assignments on time
Wait to be dismissed
Use an inside voice
Classroom Rules:
1. Follow Directions
2. Complete Work On Time
3. Respect Fellow Classmates and teacher
4. Raise Your Hand And Wait To Be Called On
5. Stay On Task
6. Respect Other People's Property
7. Be quiet in lines, hallways, and restrooms.
8. Always Do Your Best
Other rules may be added as issues arise that need to be addressed.
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