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Oak Lawn Community High School
Summer Reading Guide
Breathing Underwater by Alex Finn
Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper
Legend by Marie Lu
Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin
Directions: Use this guide to help you reflect upon your summer reading novel while
you read. This will be helpful with class discussion and other assignments related to the
novel when you return to school. Furthermore, your English teacher will collect this
assignment, so you should have it completed for the first day of school.
*All students are getting the same packet. Please complete this guide according
to the book you are reading.
1. Identify three physical qualities and three personality traits for the main character
of the novel you are reading.
Main Character’s Name:
Physical qualities:
Personality traits:
2. The summer reading novels revolve around young adults who struggle with
choices they make. List two examples of the main character’s choices. Then
explain if the main character has taken personal responsibility for these choices.
3. Minor characters play important roles in the summer reading novels. A minor
character is a less prominent character in a novel that helps to move the story
along. Choose a minor character and discuss how he/she is affected by events
in the story. How has the character changed as a result of the main character’s
actions? Consider personality, appearance, interests, and self-esteem.
4. Adults also have an important role in the summer reading novels. Some have a
positive influence, some have a negative influence. Choose two quotations from
the book that briefly describe how one adult’s relationship positively or negatively
affect the main character. You do not have the chose the same adult for both
parts. (Be sure to list the page number with the quotation!)
5. In each book, there are characters who are static (remain the same as a result of
the events in the book) or dynamic (change as a result of the events of the book).
Choose one character you would consider static and one you would consider
dynamic. Use specific examples from the book to explain your reasoning.
Character name: __________________________________
Is this character static or dynamic? Circle one and explain your selection.
Character name: __________________________________
Is this character static or dynamic? Circle one and explain your selection.
6. What do you think is the theme of the book? In other words, what is the life
lesson the author wants you to take from reading this novel? Find one quotation
in the book that supports the theme. (Remember to include page number!)
7. If given the opportunity, what three questions you would like to ask the author
about the book and/or the writing process?
8. Which character do you connect to the most? Choose a character and explain
how you two are alike. Use specific personality traits, actions, and experiences to
make your point.
9. *Bonus*
What are the top three reasons to attend the Media Center’s Summer Reading
Celebration when you get to OLCHS in August?
1. The OLCHS Media Center is a great place to hang out!!