Utilize savings potential with intelligent strategies

Utilize savings potential with
intelligent strategies
References for more energy efficiency
Energy management with SIMATIC
Increased energy efficiency in industry is one of the great
challenges of the future. And it can be done. All you need
for it is our comprehensive range for energy-efficient
production. Our portfolio encompasses everything you
require to identify, evaluate, and ultimately realize potential energy savings. In other words: everything for systematic energy management. The key lies in the perfect
interaction of energy-efficient products and solutions
within the scope of Totally Integrated Automation, our
open system architecture.
Optimize energy consumption with
SIMATIC powerrate
At plant level, SIMATIC® powerrate for the SIMATIC PCS 7
process control system and the SIMATIC WinCC process
visualization system offers a convincing performance. The
software records all the energy-related consumption data
of the plant, assigns the data to the consumer, visualizes
it clearly, and saves it in the archive. In this way, hidden
savings potential can be reliably detected – for targeted
energy consumption optimization.
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As one of the core components, SIMATIC Energy Management provides support at all levels of automation, as the
following references show. The energy management system B.Data thus enables optimized and cost-effective
energy operations management at enterprise level – from
monitoring, through controlling, right up to planning and
energy purchasing.
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B.Data makes the energy balance transparent
in accordance with
ISO 50001
The energy management
process at a glance
Energy management in concrete terms
Examples from daily practice
Load management for cool calculators
SIMATIC powerrate at Bürger GmbH
required that account for a substantial proportion of the
energy consumption of the entire plant.
In the food and beverages industry, high quality is the
top priority. The key issue here is: Can energy costs be
reduced without impairing process quality? Bürger GmbH,
a company in Crailsheim in Swabia, Germany has also
asked this question. For more than 75 years, it has been
producing its Swabian ravioli and potato noodles, popular
well beyond the region’s boundaries. To comply with
strict hygiene standards, refrigeration systems are
Heitec – a Siemens Automation Solution Partner with
experience in the area of energy management – recommended SIMATIC powerrate for WinCC for analyzing and
evaluating the energy consumption values. For this purpose, 12 consumption meters from the SENTRON family
were installed at selected points in the plant. The result
confirmed expectations: the load to which the refrigerators are connected contributes disproportionately to overall consumption, with high and expensive power peaks
when switching on the systems at the start of each shift.
For this reason, the equipment units were adjusted in
such a way that the refrigerating compressors switch on
in sequence and power up in a controlled manner. The
result is impressive: by this means alone, it was possible
to reduce both the required maximum power (from 4.2 to
3.7 MW), and the standby values agreed with the power
supply utility. This brings down energy costs on a sustained and long-term basis.
Reduce power peaks, increase energy efficiency
SIMATIC powerrate at Osram
semiconductor chips are manufactured under highly automated clean-room conditions. The SIMATIC powerrate
energy management system was brought in for energyefficient structuring of the processes. Because even slight
reductions in power peaks in energy consumption have a
significant effect on energy costs over the whole year.
To this end, SIMATIC powerrate at Osram records consumption values, detects trends, and uses the calculated
values to automatically shut down loads before the
defined limits are reached. This is just an initial step,
which can be followed by a further escalation step in the
form of connecting internal generators. This is done until
the consumption value returns to a level below the limit.
Osram is one of the leading manufacturers of LEDs. One
of the characteristic features of this innovative form of
lighting is low energy consumption during operation. But
where there is light, there is also shadow. The manufacture of LEDs consumes relatively high levels of energy.
One of the reasons for this is that the extremely complex
The tool is only used in the warm summer months
because that is when especially high levels of energy are
required for refrigerators. But the tool had saved so much
energy by the second period that it has already fully paid
for itself.
Intelligent energy management
Seat goes for B.Data
In automobile manufacturing, success is decided above
all by integrated productivity. Intelligent energy management makes an important contribution here.
The path to comprehensive energy efficiency in industrial
operations takes you via holistic systems and solutions.
This is proved by the Seat central plant in Martorell. This
plant is ahead of the pack in Europe in implementing
an energy management system in accordance with
ISO 50001, and in 2011, Seat became the first company
in Spain to acquire this certification. B.Data makes an important contribution here, also in energy controlling. The
software enables gap-free monitoring with cost-by-cause
checks of the energy and material flows. With B.Data, Seat
knows precisely when energy is required at which location, and can thus work out detailed plans for increasing
efficiency. B.Data reports falling power consumption in
the paint shop, among other locations. To improve energy
efficiency, Seat has retrofitted the large ventilators with
SINAMICS systems with which it now achieves energy
savings of up to 60 %.
Lenzing utilizes potential in fiber production
B.Data in the textile industry
The goal: to extract every last drop of efficiency from all
processes, from power generation to the individual production processes.
Lenzing AG – a global player in the manufacture of cellulose fibers – was on the lookout for a solution to the problem of systematic analysis of high volumes of data from
different energy flows.
For this reason, the company decided to introduce the
software-based energy management system B.Data. It
enables effective energy management at the enterprise
level. Whether you’re dealing with electricity, steam,
water, high-temperature water, compressed air, cold,
inert gas or a vacuum – B.Data acquires energy flows
without gaps, and visualizes them on a company-wide
basis. In this way, the recorded consumption quantities
can be selectively allocated to the individual production
processes. At Lenzing, all measuring points can now be
monitored and analyzed in real time and used for monthly
energy accounting.
At home in all verticals
Energy-efficient production is increasingly becoming one
of the decisive success factors in all verticals. The following extracts from our references shows you where our
energy management systems B.Data and SIMATIC
powerrate are already in successful use.
Or take a look at our Reference Center sometime, where
you can always find presentations of examples from dayto-day practice:
Automobile manufacture
B.Data energy management system
• Plant optimization at the AUDI plant in Ingolstadt, Germany
• Information distribution at General Motors Powertrain Austria GmbH in Aspern
• Efficient energy management for BMW at their Regensburg plant in Germany
• Managing energy data at VW Commercial Vehicles in Hannover, Germany
B.Data energy management system
• Efficient energy planning for DONG Energy, Denmark
• Energy economy database system for E.ON Wasserkraft GmbH (hydro power) in
• Transparent operations management at LINZ Strom GmbH (electric power) in Linz,
B.Data energy management system
• Cost-by-cause energy billing at Mohn media Mohndruck GmbH,
Gütersloh, Germany
Industrial parks
B.Data energy management system
• Powerful energy data management at Infracor in Marl, Germany
B.Data energy management system
• Quality assurance at voestalpine Stahl GmbH in Linz, Austria
B.Data energy management system
• Energy monitoring for Linz Service GmbH, Austria
Plastics industry
SIMATIC powerrate
• Energy transparency at Dr. Schneider Kunststoffwerke GmbH in Kronach-Neuses,
• Efficient load management at Gardena Manufacturing in Heuchlingen, Germany
Food and beverages
SIMATIC powerrate
• Load management at Bürger GmbH in Crailsheim, Germany
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