Connection between WinCC V5

Connection between WinCC V5.0 SPx and S7-PLCSIM V4.0x
How can I access the simulation software S7-PLCSIM from WinCC V5.0 SPx?
To access the simulation of S7-PLCSIM, please follow these steps:
The programs need to be installed in the following order:
1. STEP 7 V 5.x
2. S7-PLCSIM V4.x
3. WinCC V5.0 SPx
WinCC - User defined installation
Users up to SIMATIC WinCC V5.0 SP1 select the components S7Dos and Object
Manager under "Communication".
Figure 1: Userdefined installation - up to SIMATIC WinCC V5.0 SP1
For users of versions starting with SIMATIC WinCC V5.0 SP2 the option S7Dos is
installed automatically. Therefore, this component is not available anymore in
"userdefined installation".
Figure 2: User defined installation - starting with SIMATIC WinCC V5.0 SP2
Starting the applications
1. Start the SIMATIC Manager.
2. Start S7-PLCSIM.
3. Open the project that is to be simulated or create a new project.
4. Insert an OS into your project.
5. Load the project in S7-PLCSIM.
6. Open your OS in the STEP 7-Project
1. Insert a "SIMATIC S7 PROTOCOL SUITE" in the tag manager.
2. In MPI, create a new connection.
3. With the right mouse button, select the connection and choose "Properties".
4. Click the button "Properties".
5. In the tab "Connection", enter the MPI address and the slot number of the CPU which
you configured in STEP 7.
Figure 3: Setting the connection parameter
6. Confirm your entries.
7. Activate the WinCC Project.
8. Go to "Start > SIMATIC > WinCC > Tools > Channel Diagnosis". In "Channels
Connection" you can display the status of the connection.
9. If the connection cannot be established:
In the WinCC-Explorer under "System Parameter - MPI", activate the option "Set
Figure 4: Setting the system parameter - Tab Unit
S7-PLCSIM V4.x cannot be run under Microsoft Windows 2000.
Distributed applications
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