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Diary Entries - Biography

Courageous Biographies – Dear Diary
A biography is a non-fiction piece of writing that tells the story of a person’s life and is written by someone else.
Biographies are written following the events of someone’s life as they happen in time order.
As a part of our study on courage, you have chosen to research the life of ____________________ to show your
understanding of courage. You have also chosen to represent your learning using a series of diary entries.
Diary entries are pieces of writing that express events, thoughts, feelings and opinions from the point of view of
someone as they occur similar to the example below:
For your biography diary entries you must:
 Include a title page showing the name and image of the person you have written about
 Start each entry with the date
 Write as if you are the person you researched. Imagine you are in their shoes (use “I” “me” “my” while
recounting events, feelings etc.)
 At least 5 different entries with at least 2 paragraphs each. Remember you must describe events that explain:
-where and when your person was born and any other important details
about their birth
-the early years of your person’s life
the education, skills or other important facts that are important to
knowing your person
-the accomplishments of your person
 Clearly show how your person has demonstrated courage in their life. You can show this through your
different entries. This point is VERY important!!
 Use complete sentences, capitals, correct punctuation and correct spelling
Be creative and have fun! Show me your best effort!
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