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Examples of filtration efficiency of the Pure Water unit for various substances in water
- turbidity
- pigmentation
- sodium
- potassium
- calcium (total hardness)
- aluminium
- iron
- manganese
Cations/Heavy metals
- copper
- lead
- zinc
- mercury
- cadmium
- chromium
- nickel
- fluoride
- chloride
- nitrate/nitrite
- sulphate
- octane, decane, heptane, etc.
- benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl benzene, etc.
- diesel oil
Polyaromatic hydrocarbons
Chlorinated hydrocarbons
- halomethanes, haloethanes, haloethenes, etc.
Trihalomethanes (THM)
- trichloromethane
- bromodichloro/dibromochloro/tribromomethane
- PCBs
- bacteria and viruses
N.B. The values for the inorganic substances have been
measured in a water sample taken after 2 minutes of
operation at a flow of 4.4 litres per minute, 80% water
efficiency and using test water with a salt content of 800
mg per litre and at a temperature of 20°C.
Analysis laboratory: VVL Stockholm, Sweden.
The values for the organic substances have been measured in a water sample taken after 2 minutes of operation
at a flow of 2.8 litres per minute, 80% water efficiency
and using test water to which the relevant substance has
been added to a concentration which is 100 times higher
than the lowest detectable content at 10°C.
Analysis laboratory: AnalyCen, Lidköping, Sweden.
Microbiological investigation has been carried out under
a variety of operating conditions using test water containing a very high number of micro-organisms. Water samples
were taken weekly after 20 and 40 seconds and after 1,
2, 6, 12 and 18 minutes of operation.
Investigating laboratory: SVELAB, Jönköping, Sweden.
Specification and installation particulars
Flow rate
2.5 (+0.3) l/min at 15°C and a salt
content of <800 mg/l. The flow
increases with increasing temperature.
Water efficiency
approx. 60-80% during operation
(water efficiency is the ratio of pure
water produced to water supplied).
Water flow rate
>10 l/min
Mains water pressure
150 - 1000 kPa (1.5 - 10 bar)
Water temperature/
Air temperature
5 – 30°C/2 – 43°C
Ambient humidity
25 - 95%
Power supply
230 V, 50 Hz, 10 A, earthed
Power demand
530 W
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Demands on the supply water
pH value
calcium: Ca2+
magnesium: Mg2+ mg/l
hardness, iron: Fe2+
manganese: Mn
silicon: Si
COD-Mn: O2
<1500 mg/l
<1 FNU*
<1000 µS/cm
4 - 10
<140 mg/l
<140 mg/l
<0.8 mg/l*
<0.2 mg/l*
<10 mg/l
*an extra prefilter is necessary if the value is higher.
225 mm
460 mm
(395 mm without handle and hoses)
weight - empty
weight - in operation
466 mm
29 kg
33 kg
5556 Roos Tryckerier AB, Sundbyberg 1999
Purification method reverse osmosis
Pure water for
air humidification
Water that has been purified in the PURE WATER
reverse osmosis system is basically entirely free
from lime and other minerals. If this water is used
for air humidification, it will eliminate the problem
of the fine dust that would be deposited in premises and ventilation ducts if untreated water were
used for air humidification. While eliminating the
'white dust', the PURE WATER unit also reduces
the amount of bacteria and viruses in the air by
more than 99%.
If this water is used for steam humidifiers for
demineralised water a very accurate humidity
control will be ensured and the operation of the
humidifier will be virtually maintenance-free.
The PURE WATER unit features periodic automatic
flushing designed to prevent capacity-reducing
deposits on the membrane.
Purified water
Raw water
Patented recirculation
pump ensures high
water efficiency
Water strainer that
removes larger
PURE WATER is a highly environment-friendly
water purification technique, since it uses no
chemicals whatever.
The PURE WATER unit contains three filters to
protect the membrane. The first is an inlet strainer
which removes larger particles that could damage
the membrane. This is followed by a replaceable
particle filter that reduces the amount of sand
and rust flakes in the water. The third filter which is also replaceable - contains activated
carbon which reduces the chlorine content as
well as odours and tastes by adsorbing organic
The impurities are then automatically flushed
away to keep the membrane clean, which substantially extends the useful life of the membrane.
water to waste
Filter 2 - activated
carbon - reduces
chlorine, odours and
A semi-permeable
membrane divides the filtered
water into two flows:
- Purified water
- Contaminated water
The PURE WATER unit has a very high water efficiency. The secret behind this is the patented circulation pump which circulates water at a high
flow rate and a high velocity along the surface
of the membrane.
Filter 1 - particle filter removes particles such
as sand and rust flakes
Particle sizes in water solution
The PURE WATER unit can be connected directly
to a humidification plant, to an accumulator that
distributes water to humidifiers, or to an unpressurized clean water tank with distribution pump
for delivering water over longer distances or for
compensating for large differences in head. To
meet high water flow rate demands, several
water purifiers can be connected to a humidification plant or plants.
The water quality obtained in the PURE WATER
unit is continually monitored and indicated by
means lamps on the front panel. If the performance should deteriorate for any reason, the
water purifier will be stopped and a warning
lamp will light up. Lamps on the front panel also
indicate when various filters must be changed.
The PURE WATER unit is also equipped with an
automatic alarm and emergency stop function for
the water purifier in the event of leakage.
Reverse osmosis – Pure Water
Due to the water recirculation, the pure water
produced can amount to around 80% of the incoming water.
Activated carbon and particle filter
Activated carbon filter
What is pure water?
Pure water consists exclusively of H2O, i.e. a
combination of the two elements of hydrogen
and oxygen. In this leaflet, pure water describes
the water quality, which means that the contents
of bacteria, harmful substances and particles in
the water are effectively reduced, and the water
thus has a good taste, looks clear, does not
smell and, above all, does not contain the lime
and minerals that would cause dust if untreated
cold water were used for air humidification.
The PURE WATER unit can be installed together
with all units in the comprehensive SIBE SWEDFOG® range of air humidifiers. It can also be
installed together with other air humidifier
makes and types that are capable of withstanding demineralised water.
Heavy metals
Human hair
Particle sizes in water solution
100 pm
1 nm
(1 nm = 0.000001 mm)
10 nm
100 nm
1 µm
10 µm
100 µm
1 mm
(1 µm = 0.001 mm)
Visible with the naked eye
What is reverse osmosis?
The phenomenon of osmosis was described in
the 18th century. Water is purified and transported in Nature by osmosis, such as in the human
body or in plants. Osmosis is of great importance
in a living organism, where the cell walls serve
as the membrane through which nutrients and
metabolic products are transported. Reverse
osmosis (RO) is the name given to osmosis used
by technical means. By applying the contaminated liquid and raising its pressure, water is forced
through a synthetic semi-permeable membrane
which, in practice, passes only water (water
molecules). The great benefit of reverse osmosis
is that no chemicals are used in the treatment