Danish Jyske Bank integrates VACMAN Controller to protect

Jyske Bank case study
Danish Jyske Bank integrates VACMAN Controller
to protect its corporate network
Jyske Bank was founded in 1967 and is now the third-largest bank in the Danish market with 108 branches. The bank provides financial
solutions for both retail customers as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises. Jyske Bank has more than 225,000 shareholders
and employs over 3,500 people. Every day, those employees log on to the central network in order to access the applications and
information they need. In today’s mobile and more flexible working conditions, people also regularly work from home. Of course, access
from the home stations to the corporate network has to be secured thoroughly. Jyske Bank therefore implemented VASCO’s core
authentication technology VACMAN Controller.
Just like every other bank,
Jyske Bank deals with a lot of
confidential business-critical
or private financial information
that is stored securely on
an internal network. It is
needless to say that this
sensitive information needed
to be equally adequately
secured when working from
home. A solution that was
straightforward, easy-to-use
and uncomplicated to integrate was sought and found: DIGIPASS GO 3 on
the client-side in combination with VACMAN Controller on the server-side
harmonized with the existing WebSEAL environment.
“We did not have to work with an integrator. Everything was done by ourselves,
and I have to admit it: to everybody’s surprise, it went very well. It took about
three weeks before everything was up and running.”
Jyske Bank decided to choose for VASCO for several reasons. “First of all, the
company knows the business and is very reliable. They have the experience
and we knew from other projects that their support and knowledge is excellent,”
explains Mr. Ladefoged. “Besides, their solution is cheaper than those of other
vendors. And last but not least: the possibility to integrate VACMAN Controller
as a library into our existing application and security infrastructure was the
deciding factor.”
DIGIPASS GO 3 was chosen deliberately. First of all, this small device is easy to
use. With one push on the button, an OTP is generated. However, there’s more
than this. Erik Ladefoged emphasizes that security was a decisive factor too.
For Jyske Bank, the ease of integration was a breaking point: they wanted to
avoid that separate authentication servers had to be installed. They wanted
the whole authentication system to become part of their current security and
application infrastructure.
Erik Ladefoged, Lead Infrastructure Architect at Jyske Bank, was happy they
found the perfect solution. “VASCO’s VACMAN Controller offered a way out.
This authentication platform can easily be integrated in our existing application
infrastructure and through EAI (External Authentication Interface) be integrated
in our existing IBM Tivoli Access Manager environment. This means we saved 2
servers, and thereby lowered both the costs and the operational risks.”
Integrating VACMAN Controller in the existing environment offers a lot of
advantages. First of all, it is cost-saving. Instead of managing and paying for
two separate servers, now only the already existing application server needs to
be maintained. Secondly, the risk for server downtimes was severely reduced.
This assures more continuity and stability in the whole authentication process.
Erik Ladefoged is contented that the integration went so smoothly.
“We preferred a DIGIPASS GO 3 device to a mobile solution, as we wanted
to make sure that two separate channels are used within the authentication
process.” This so-called out-of-band principle starts from the idea that two
separate networks, of which one is different from the primary network, are
used simultaneously to communicate between two parties. This adds an extra
layer of security and prevents hackers from grabbing information.
“We are very pleased with the way the solution works,” concludes Mr.
Ladefoged. “On the client-side, everything passes off quite smoothly. Also,
on the server-side, we haven’t experienced any problems. VACMAN is well
-integrated in our WebSEAL, so we are happy that our integration and security
concerns are finished.”
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Case Study
Jyske Bank case study
To protect remote access to the corporate network when employees are
working from home, Jyske Bank looked for an easy-to-use, convenient solution.
The ease of integration was for Jyske Bank primordial. The whole
authentication system had to become part of their current security and
application infrastructure (based on Tivoli Access Manager), so that stability
could be raised and costs could be reduced.
VASCO’s VACMAN Controller could easily be integrated, avoiding that separate
authentication servers had to be installed and maintained. On the client-side,
Jyske Bank opted for DIGIPASS GO 3. They preferred a physical device rather
than a software version, creating an out-of-band authentication solution.
About Jyske Bank
Jyske Bank was founded in 1967 and is Denmark’s third-largest bank with more than 3,500 employees, more than 225,000
shareholders and more than 100 branches. The bank’s head office is in Silkeborg, but there are business customer branches
in a.o. Hamburg, Zurich, Gibraltar and Cannes.
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