Kindergarten Rhyming - Arkansas State University

Lesson Plan Idea Format
15 Points
Grade Level & Subject Area _Kindergarden______________________
Arkansas Framework: (_____/2 points)
Arkansas Frameworks R.8 K.8
Foundations of Reading: Identify and produce oral rhymes
Objective (What are the students’ going to accomplish): (_____/1 point)
Students will be able to identify rhyming sounds
Materials: (_____/1 point)
Hop on Pop by Dr. Suess
Worksheet of random objects that rhyme
Procedure: (_____/5 points)
Teacher will introduce rhyming sounds by reading Hop on Pop by Dr. Suess. Students will then
be told that they can use rhyming for fun and to help them with their reading. Rhyming words
can be found everywhere. Then teacher will show rhyming words video. Class will then
complete worksheet matching rhyming objects with guided practice.
Assessment (How will the students’ show you that the objective has been met):
(_____/1 point)
Teacher will informally walk around to each student to assess if they are able to identify rhyming object
names on worksheet. Worksheet will be turned in to teacher for further review.
A Brief Description of the Entire Lesson: (_____/5 points)
Reading of Hop on Pop
Discussion of how identifying rhyming words can help with reading.
Rhyming words video (attached)
Total: _____/15 points
(I should be able to see and understand your entire lesson by reading this.
Remember, Technology is not the lesson. It enhances the lesson)