Move Out Checklist - Fairmont Property Management

Move Out Checklist
Use this form to check off the necessary items when moving
Zero Balance
Make sure your balance is $0. Accounts with unpaid balances after the lease expiration date will be sent to
collections. Contact the Fairmont Property Management office to request a ledger if you are unsure of your
Contact People’s Energy to disconnect gas service (if applicable)
Please contact People’s Energy at 866-556-6001 to disconnect gas service for your apartment. Or visit them
online at
Contact ComEd to disconnect electric service
Please contact ComEd at 800-334-7661 to disconnect electric service for your apartment. Or visit them online at
Renter’s insurance
Notify your carrier that you will be moving so that they can cancel/transfer your policy.
Schedule cable and internet cancellation/transfer of service
Contact Comcast at 800-934-6489 or , or any other service provider to cancel service.
Schedule movers or reserve a moving truck
You can get free quotes from a half dozen local moving companies at You can book your
own truck with U-Haul at 1-800-GO-U-HAUL (1-800-468-4285) or
Set up a forwarding address with the United States Postal Service
The US Postal Service makes it easy for your mail to follow you to your new home. You can learn how by calling
1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or visit
Return Keys
All of the keys to the apartment, building, and mailbox must be returned to our office at 2927 N. Lincoln Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60657 no later than the last day of the lease. There is a $15.00 charge per key for unreturned keys.
Leave Your Apartment Clean.
Make arrangements to leave your apartment in clean condition. You may schedule a professional cleaning
company to do this for you. Should your apartment not be in acceptable condition, you will be charged for any
cleaning/restoring that might be necessary.
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