The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages
Review Sheet
1. The Middle Ages is the name for a time period that begins after the fall of ROME.
2. Rome was overrun and partially destroyed on several occasions. When this happens
to a city, it is SACKED
3. CHARLEMAGNE, OR CHARLES THE GREAT tried to reunite Europe around
800 AD but after he died his empire.
4. After that empire, most of the people of Europe retreated to their own VILLAGES
5. The person on the top of the system of feudalism was the KING
6. Below him were LORDS who were given land by the king.
7. The land that was given to a lower lord was called a FIEF
8. The lower lord who was given land was called a VASSAL
9. Knights lived by a code of ethics called CHIVALRY
10. Knight had to pledge ALLEGIANCE to a lord, which meant they would fight for
him if necessary.
11. Serfs paid taxes to the lords mostly by giving CROPS
12. In return, the nobles gave serfs PROTECTION and LAND TO FARM
13. A spiked club is a MACE
14. A long spear like weapon is a PIKE
15. A piece of armor that was hand woven and flexible was CHAIN MAIL
16. A SEIGE ENGINE OR SEIGE WAGON was used to go over a castle’s wall.
17. A BATTERING RAM was used to go through a castle’s walls.
18. A MURDER HOLE was used to dump stuff on an advancing enemy soldier
around the castle gate.
19. A MERLON was used to hide behind on a castle wall.
20. The CATHOLIC Church ruled over the Middle Ages.
21. The leader of this was the POPE
22. Monks lived in monasteries and copied MANUSCRIPTS
23. The CRUSADES were a series of holy wars in the Middle Ages.
24. Knights tried to take the HOLY LAND from people who were MUSLIM
25. The plague was transmitted by FLEAS
26. When someone got the plague THEY WERE VERY CONTAGIOUS, WERE