Middle Ages Castle Project

Middle Ages Castle Project
Assessment: Creating Castle Representation of the Middle Ages
Objective: To understand what life was living during the Middle Ages
Key Concepts/Skills:
Historical events
Castle life
Culture during this time period
Key Vocabulary:
Knight, serf, tower, moat, keep, castle, well, etc.
Materials: anything you can reduce, reuse, and recycle
Time for Completion: 1-2 weeks
Assessment Task:
1. Each student will research what life was like during the Middle Ages through the
use of the textbook, library resources, and the Internet.
2. Mr. Tennant will also come speak to the class about this topic.
3. Then the students will create a hands-on project of creating a castle replica of
what life was like during this time period.
4. They will use any materials that they can find from home (please don’t buy
anything) to create the important aspects of castle life.
5. Lastly the students will present how they made their castles to the class. We will
display these in the library for all to see.