Changing the Default Language in Blackboard

Changing the Default Language in Blackboard
To change the default language in Blackboard, make sure you are on the Login Page. If you are in a Course Site, click on the “My UMKC”
tab to return to the Blackboard Login (“Blackboard Dashboard) page. Even if you can’t read the language, if you follow the directions in this
tutorial, you will be able to reset the language to English (or any other language that you prefer).
Count down to the sixth link (Personal Information), and click on it. You should
see an image of a person and a file folder ( ).
On the “Personal Information” page, choose the third link, “Change Personal Settings.”
On the “Change Personal Settings” page, Option 2 includes a drop down menu.
Choose your desired language, and then choose “Submit.”
(For most UMKC users, English (United States) is the recommended option.)