How to enroll in my Blackboard class!

How to enroll in my
Blackboard class!
FC - History09 - Mr. Goerlitz's US
History II Class
Open an internet browser and go to:
How to log in to
Username: qc14.____________ (fill in with your
first initial and last name)
For example, Ricky Bobby would be qc14.rbobby
Password: your Student ID number
*This username/password will be used for all of your Blackboard classes.
How to find our class:
Click on the “Classes” tab
Then scroll down until you find the “Quakertown
Community School District” folder in the “Class
Catalog” on the right-hand side and click on it!
Search for: (*goerlitz or goerlitz US
History II*)
Click on the blue Class ID link of our
class to enter.
It will look like this because you aren’t enrolled yet:
Click on the “Click here to enroll” link.
It should then say “action successful”, if so, scroll
down and click “OK.”
How to find our class in the future:
Click on the “Classes” tab
You won’t need to search for our class again. It will be
located in your classes tab along with all other classes
that you sign up for (plus a Blackboard orientation
course that you are already signed up for)!
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