Lesson Plan for Prepositional Phrases, Take 2: I. Content A. Theme

Lesson Plan for Prepositional Phrases, Take 2:
I. Content
A. Theme: Ecce Romani Chapter 9-10 Grammar: Prepositional phrases
B. Performance Objectives: To translate ablative prepositional phrases
To form singular/plural ablative prepositional phrases
To fill in appropriate notes on their guided notes sheet
Analyze prepositional phrases in context
C. Grammatical Objectives: To use the new Latin noun case, the ablative
To learn the 7 Latin prepositions that trigger an ablative
prepositional phrase
To deduce the meaning of the 7 Latin ablative
To act out the meanings of the 7 prepositions (TPR)
D. Vocabulary Objectives: To recall and act out the meaning of the 7 ablative
prepositions: Sub, In, De, Sine, Pro, Ab, Cum, Ex
E. Standards Addressed
II. Learner Description: Latin 1 students, 9/10 grade
III. Materials: Overheads, projector, color wet-erase markers, warm-up sheets, guided notes
packet, timer
IV. Activities
A. Warm-up (5 mins.): Students work individually to complete warm-up worksheet
that highlights today’s grammatical adventure. Teacher will take role while they
work. Teacher will pass out the guided notes sheet. As soon as the teacher sees that
all students are ready and role is taken, class will begin.
B. Input (15 mins.): 1. Students and teacher review the warm-up. 2. After warm-up
review, all proceed to take notes on what was encountered during the warm-up. 3.
Teacher will “chant” the new case endings and have students repeat. Teacher will
also, provide another mnemonic device for remember these endings are the ablative
case. 4. Teacher will then act out the 7 ablative prepositions; the students are to
deduce the English meanings. When the correct deduction is made, the teacher will
instruct the students to write the meaning on the line next to the term. Then utilizing
TPR, the teacher and students will act out the 7 ablative prepositions. 5. Teacher will
then will guide the students to analyze the prepositional phrases from the warm-up to
help them arrive at how these 7 prepositions changed the endings of nouns to the
ablative. 6. Teacher will then give more examples on the board using the rule created
by the class.
C. Guided Practice (5 mins.): Students will be directed to the turn their note pages
over to do the first 6 grammatical problems as a class. Teacher will solicit volunteers
when doing these 6. (These 6 are similar to the examples used during #6 of the
D. Independent Practices (10 mins.): 1. 3mins will be given to the students for them to
individually do the next 6 problems, similar to the guided practice. 2. Students will
then get with their partner to compare their results and critique each others attempts.
3. Student volunteers will be called to put their answers on the board.
E. Closure (5-8 mins.): Teacher will ask if there are any questions or the need for
clarifications. Teacher will also ask questions concerning the new grammatical
feature for students to answer as a group.
F. Homework: The rest of the worksheet that is labeled: “For homework.”
VI. Evaluation: ‘Exit ticket’ that is similar to the grammatical activity they have done from
guided practice through independent practice. This will be collected at the
door upon leaving, and will be evaluated to form how the next day’s warm-up
is constructed.