Time Management Self-Assessement Checklist


Time Management Self-Assessment Checklist for Students:

You are responsible for your own academic performance.

So take some responsibility for what you do and when you do it.

To help you achieve this goal, please complete this self-assessment form. Be honest with yourself and answer the following questions and discuss these with your Student Liaison Officer:

1) Do you analyse your current use of time?

2) Can you identify time stealers?

3) Will you change your habits?

4) Can you reduce duplication?

5) Do you keep your files up to date?

6) Do you keep files on your computer/s?

7) Do you sort them into folders?

8) Do you have a study plan?

9) Can you set yourself realistic and achievable goals?

10) Do you devise time saving actions?

11) Do you keep to daily plans?

12) Can you meet/adapt them if required?

13) Can you manage your lectures/tutorials, etc?

14) Can you complete your assignments/projects within submission deadlines?

15) What do you do if your assignments/projects are still uncompleted after the submission deadlines?