Math 322(A1)—Graph Theory

Math 322(A1)—Graph Theory
Summer 2008
Instructor: J. Nastos
Office: CAB 509, email: [email protected]
Instructor’s Webpage:
Course Web Page:
Lectures: CAB 369, Monday – Friday, 1:30pm-2:40pm
Office Hours: Talk to me or email me to arrange an appointment.
No official textbook. We will partially work from Graph Theory with Applications
by J. A. Bondy and U. S. R. Murty, which is publicly available through links on the
course website. We will also partially work from Robin J. Wilson’s Graph Theory
Definitions, paths, cycles, isomorphism, cutsets and connectivity, Menger’s
Theorem, planarity and generalizations, vertex colouring, chromatic polynomials,
colour theorems, matchings, flows, spanning trees and shortest path algorithms,
adjacency matrix with application to combinatorial enumeration, graph spectra,
interval graphs and applications, various other graph classes and algorithms, other
topics as time permits.
Grading Scheme:
Assignments: 20%
Midterm Exam: 30%
Final Exam: 50%
Exam dates, times:
Midterm exam: Tuesday, July 29th
Last Class: Wednesday, August 13th
Final exam: Friday, August 15th
Note that there is no deferred Midterm. If you miss it and have a valid reason for
doing so, the weight of the midterm will be transferred to the final exam; i.e., the
weight of your final exam will be 80%.
University Regulations:
No calculators or cell phones allowed in midterm or final exams.
Assignment 1 is due Wednesday, July 9th
Assignment 2 is due Wednesday, July 16th
Assignment 3 is due Wednesday, July 23th
Assignment 4 is due Wednesday, August 6th
Assignment 5 is due Wednesday, August 13th
Policy about course outlines can be found in Section 23.4(2) of the University
Calendar. The University of Alberta is committed to the highest standards of
academic integrity and honesty. Students are expected to be familiar with these
standards regarding academic honesty and to uphold the policies of the University in
this respect. Students are particularly urged to familiarize themselves with the
provisions of the Code of Student Behaviour and avoid any behaviour which could
potentially result in suspicions of cheating, plagiarism, misrepresentation of facts
and/or participation in an offence. Academic dishonesty is a serious offence and can
result in suspension or expulsion from the university (online at
Notice: Students who require accommodations in this course due to disability affecting mobility, vision,
hearing, mental or physical health are advised to discuss their needs with Specialized Support and
Disability Services, 2-800 SUB, 492-3381 (phone) or 492-7269(TTY).
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