Map – US Boundary Changes, 1818-1819

Map – U.S. Boundary Changes, 1818-1819
Spanish territory
British territory
From Great Britain to US, 1818
From Spain to US, 1819
Disputed by US and Great
Britain, 1818
1. Label the Spanish territory, the British territory, the land the US got from Great Britain, the land the US got from Spain,
and the land that was disputed by the US and Great Britain. (Page 261)
2. Label the location of the Great Lakes and write also write “Rush-Bagot Agreement” near the Great Lakes.
3. Label and boldly color the 49°N latitude line that became the border between the US & the Canadian land controlled by
GB. (pg 261)
4. Write Convention of 1818 next to the 49°N latitude line. (Page 261)
5. Label the approximate location of the Rocky Mountains. (Page 261)
6. Label the location of Florida. (Page 261)
7. Write Adams-Onis Treaty next to Florida. (Page 261)
8. Write the abbreviations for the US states in their correct locations and label the territories. (Page 261)
9. Color the map in a similar fashion to how it is colored on page 261 (Page 261)
10. What did the Rush-Bagot Agreement do? (Page 260) ______________________________________________________
11. The Convention of 1818 set the border between the US and British controlled Canada at 49°N latitude as far west as the
Rocky Mountains. What else was agreed upon as part of the Convention of 1818? (Page 260) _______________________
12. The Adams-Onis Treaty gave the US Florida. But what did the US give up in the compromise? (Page 261)
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