John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams
Son of John Adams
Ambassador to Russia
Secretary of State, 1816-1824
President, 1824-1828
Democratic Republican, but a
Federalist at heart
• Rush-Bagot Agreement
– Demilitarizes Great Lakes
• Convention of 1818
• Adams-Onis Treaty
• Monroe Doctrine
Convention of 1818
• Fixes northern border with Canada at 49N.
• Gets Great Britain to agree to joint occupation of the
Oregon Territory.
– Gets a “foot in the door” for the US
Adams-Onis Treaty
•Spain was losing grip on Latin American colonies, and send
most of their Florida garrison to fight the revolutionaries in
South America.
•President Monroe sends Gen. Andrew Jackson to protect the
Florida Border from Seminole raids.
• Jackson invades Florida,
seizes the capital, expels
the governor, claims
Florida for the United
States, executes 2 British
citizens, and asks for
boats to invade Cuba.
Adams-Onis Treaty
• Whole cabinet, except Adams, wants to remove and
discipline Jackson and apologize to Great Britain
• Instead Adams refuses to apologize to Great Britain or
• Recalls Jacskon, but threatens Spain that the United States
will have to occupy Florida in the future if the Spanish can’t
control the border.
• Spanish give in and agree to sell Florida to the United
Adams-Onis Treaty
• US gets Florida.
• US has to pay $5
million to its own
citizens for damages
by the Seminoles.
• US gives up claim to
• Spain gives up claim
to Oregon.
• Western boundary is
Monroe Doctrine, 1823
Great Britain asks the United States to join them in
an alliance to pledge themselves to the defense of
the new Latin American Republics.
Cabinet, except Adams, agrees.
Says that we should:
1. Not make ourselves look subservient to Great Britain.
2. Not tie our hands in a permanent alliance.
3. Let Great Britain do the fighting themselves while we reap
the benefits.
Monroe Doctrine, 1823
1. No new European colonies.
2. Europe may not meddle in the internal
affairs of American republics.
3. US will not meddle in the affairs of