Sentence Templates for Introducing Commentary (from They Say, I

Sentence Templates for Introducing Commentary
(from They Say, I Say)
Introducing What “They Say”
A number of sociologists have recently suggested that X’s work has several
fundamental problems. (Replace italicized terms with terms that work for specific
It has become common today to dismiss X’s contribution to the field of sociology.
In their recent work, Y and Z have offered harsh critiques of Dr. X for _____.
Introducing “Standard Views”
Americans today tend to believe that ______________.
Conventional wisdom has it that _________.
Common sense seems to dictate that _____.
The standard way of thinking about topic X has it that _____.
It is often said that _____.
Many people assumed that _____.
Introducing Something Implied or Assumed
Although none of them have ever said so directly, teachers have often given the
impression that_____.
One implication of X’s treatment of _____ is that _____.
Although X does not say so directly, she apparently assumed that _____.
While they rarely admit as much, _____often take for granted that _____.
Introducing An Ongoing Debate
In discussion of X, one controversial issue has been _____. On the one hand, _____
argues ______. On the other hand, _____ contends ______. Others even maintain ______.
When it comes to the topic of _____, most will readily agree that _____. Where this
agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of _____. Whereas some are
convinced that _____, others maintain that _____.
Capturing Authorial Action
X acknowledges that _____.
X agrees that _____.
X argues that _____.
X believes that _____.
X denies/ does not deny that ______.
X claims that ______.
X complains that ______.
X concedes that _____.
X demonstrates that _____.
X deplores the tendency to _____.
X celebrates the fact that _____.
X emphasizes that ______.
X insists that _____.
X observes that _____.
X questions whether_____.
X refutes the claim that _____.
X reports that _____.
X suggests that _____.
Making Concessions While Still Standing Your Ground
Proponents of X are right to argue that _____. But they exaggerate when they claim
that _____.
While it is true that _____, it does not necessarily follow that _____.
Naming Your Naysayers
Here many feminists would probably object that _____.
But social Darwinists would certainly take issue with the argument that _____.
Biologists, of course, may want to dispute my claim that _____.
Nevertheless, both followers and critics of Malcolm X will probably argue that _____.
Although not all Christians think alike, some of them will probably dispute the claim
that ______.
Indicating Who Cares
_____used to think_____. But recently [or within the past few decades]_____suggests
that ______.
What this new research does, then, is correct the mistaken impression, held by
many earlier researchers, that ______.
These findings challenge the work of earlier researchers, who tended to assume that
Recent studies shed new light on _____, which previous studies had not addressed.
These findings challenge dieters’ common assumptions that _____.
At first glance, teenagers appear to _____. But on closer inspection, _____.
Establishing Why Your Claims Matter
X matters/is important because _____.
Although X may seem trivial, it is in fact crucial in terms of today’s concern over
Ultimately, what is at stake here is _____.
These findings have important consequences for the broader domain of _____.
Although X may seem of concern to only a small group of _____, it should in fact
concern anyone who cares about _____.