I can be contacted by e-mail Sniderlm@hotmail

I can be contacted by e-mail Sniderlm@hotmail.com
My cell is 937 694 1597, you may call or text up to 1am, I am a night owl, so morning text and
calls will be returned a little later in the day.
My Pinterest account has many different boards on it for inspiration for the show, I am always
adding things as I find them, please feel free to send your ideas to me. My account is under
lms65, or search for Lisa Snider. All public boards are family appropriate, and if you find
something questionable, PLEASE contact me and I will remove it. The links are on the website
under Announcements.
Parents of the elementary students, please keep in mind that the children were dressed as adults
after age 2.
We are looking at 17th century France. I am not so much interested in directly copying the exact
historical references, but rather finding a doable look that reads as "fairytale" to our audience.
For Village Wear, I would like to see the warm colors, to depict the harsh reality of life for the
average peasant. PLEASE stay away from pure white and creams, I can dye them if you want,
whites will wash your child out under the stage lights. Basically, you owned ONE set of
clothing. Your chemise, or shirt, was your pajamas and you added either your skirts, aprons,
belts, vest or underbust to it if you were a female or your breeches, vest , apron and such of you
were a male. But, we are going to assume most of you are from a little better homes, so you
would also own some other things as well, such as the ball gowns.. I would LOVE for a few
members of the cast to choose to be street urchins and let me distress their clothing.
Ladies: peasant blouse, skirt, overskirt, apron, vest, underbust or belt, small pouch for holding
coins, head coverings.. ballet flats, granny boots or riding boots. no hosiery required.
Men: Poet shirts,(high school cast members have them being made for them) peasant style tops,
breeches, (regular pants can be cut off under the knee for this, or baseball pants if not to tight)
Vest, a coin pouch and belt.. maybe some trappings of your place in the village as well,
baker/apron, butcher/apron.. ect...knee socks,dress shoes or riding boots would be good as well.
If you are able to find color great, if not, I can dye the whites and creams and I can also tone
down any way to bright and modern color with a little dye as well. Gentleman, if you bring me
chino type pants in a beige/khaki color, I can dye them into all the darker tones that we need for
the show and finding those are easier than the colors.
For Courtwear,I am looking forward to the softer colors and jewel tones to be romantic and to
give a different feel than the village wear.
Ladies in Ball gowns:you will need your character shoes and proper undergarments. (I might
have some underpinnings you may borrow if you do not own them, please check with me before
purchasing underpinnings.) Crinolines will be rented for a minimal fee and you will have them
for most of the season for dance practice as well.
Ladies who are Servants, we will work it all out this week for you.
I need a lady to be a statue, you will wear a gray grecian costume we have and be airbrushed/or
have makeup applied to a stone grey color.
Gentlemen, we are looking into several options to give you the most authentic look possible.
You will need to provide your black dance shoes/dress shoes, a white t-shirt to build your vest
and jabot (lace ruffles) on (sleeveless is fine and the thinner the better.)You will also need to find
a white or ivory knee sock, not athletic socks but something a bit finer,like a trouser sock. We
will let you know if you will need to provide black dress pants to be made into breeches or not,
they will be cut off, so do not buy expensive new ones, try a Goodwill or Salvation Army.
The children will receive instructions on the animal costumes as soon as we have assigned the
roles, please bear with us a bit longer.
Fairies, we will work it out, you will be responsible for the shoes, and we will work it all out
You can find many of the needed things at;
Goodwill.(Troy, Huber Heights, Sidney, Piqua, Beavercreek, Springfield(2 locations) Oregon
District and all over the place, I have a list of 22 stores in our region. Each week a certain color
tag is on sale for 50% off. Look around the check out for a poster saying which color it is. They
accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards as long as the cardholder is there with their driver's
license or state id. You may return within 7 days for a full refund.
Salvation Army: Piqua, Miamisburg. Each Weds almost everything in the store is 50% off, each
week a different colored tag is also 50% off. They accept cash, debit and credit cards with the
cardholder having ID. All sales are final. They are open until 7pm at night.
Anna's Closet: Here in Troy, 25A beside Troy Ford. All sales final, they have sales that
sometimes each piece of clothing is $1.
Community Thrift: Clay Street Troy, used to be the Salvation Army, owned now by a retired
school teacher. Great deals, cash, debit, credit card, I believe all sales are final.
St Paul .. in Huber, across from McDonalds, beside Krogers
There are bunches of thrift stores in Dayton and beyond, but you begin to lose the
thriftiness of shopping there if you spend it on gas. I will gladly meet you at any LOCAL thrift
store to help you choose an outfit, please call to make sure I can be there.You can also sew the
costumes. Joannes, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics, Pat Catan's, Michael's Crafts all
have coupons that you will receive if you sign up for their e-mail newsletters. Sometimes, it is
even up to an additional 30% off your entire order. If in doubt ask me, I usually know where the
sales are.
In general, stay away from white, put your child in a color they enjoy wearing, and do not pick
fabrics that are heavy or hot. the stage lights are really hot and while the wool looks wonderful
on stage, it is a nightmare to be in, choose lightweight. When in doubt, call or ask,
Thank you!
Lisa Snider
937 694 1597
Here are a few ideas: more on Pinterest.