Term Quiz


Terms Quiz Name___________________________ Match the following definitions to the correct term.

________________ 1. The main character in a piece of literature or film; usually the hero, but not always. _________________2. A songlike poem that tells a story. (hint Jed Clampitt) _________________3. A short story from the oral tradition with animals as the main characters and a lesson or moral at the end. _________________4. When an author gives a non-human a human characteristic (animals talking or the wind whispering etc.) _________________5. The character in a piece of literature or film who works against the main character, often the villain. _________________6. Extreme exaggeration (tall tales) _________________7. fictional tales that explain the actions of gods or heroes or the origins of an aspect of nature. _________________8. A type of literature that came from the oral tradition of the American Frontier. ( contains hyperbole) _________________9. A widely told story about the past, representative of a particular culture. _________________10. The passing of songs, stories and poems from generation to generation by word of mouth.


Ballad Protagonist Oral Traditon Hyperbole 11.

Legend Myth Antagonist Tall Tale Fable Personification List the four main reasons authors write__________________,_________________________, _______________________,_________________________ 12.

_________________________,_______________________ List the four main types of conflict ____________________,_____________________