Literary Term Assignment

Literary Term Assignment
Hyperbole- a figure of speech that can
oftentimes reflect the vernacular of the
times. It is a device which uses
exaggeration to give a statement
Assignment: Write a paragraph describing a
situation or something using PLAIN
language. Rewrite it using as much
hyperbole as possible.
Must have 5-7 sentences and at least 4
examples of hyperbole.
I felt hungry and really wanted to eat a
lot of food. I was stuck in class and
the time was going by slowly. In fact,
it was going by so slowly, it was
making me upset. I could hardly wait
for the bell to ring.
I was so hungry I could eat a horse.
Time was simply crawling by, the
clock seemed like its hands were
stuck in one place. In fact, it w as
creeping by so painfully slow, that I was
turning beet red and I thought I would
explode. I had total ants in my pants.
I could hardly wait for the bell to ring.