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Cougar Cry
What’SHappening at the Alleghany Campus?
Wilkes Community
College - Sparta campus
had two winners in the
North Carolina Career
Development Poster and
Poetry Contest. Amanda
Chamberlain placed first
with her poem. Brandon
Creed placed second with
his poem and second in
the mixed media poster
contest. The theme for the
contest was Inspire Your
Career - Develop Your
Dream.Brandon Creed
is a freshman studying
horticulture. Amanda
Chamberlain transferred
from Wilkes Community
College to Appalachian
State University this spring.
Their poems and poster
have been forwarded
to the National Career
Development Contest.
The SGA Relay For
Life Team sponsored a
womanless beauty pageant
and raised over $2400 for
Relay. They had several
students who were in
the pageant along with
numerous men young and
old who put their pride
aside to help find a cure for
They also just had their
elections for new office,
and are getting ready for a
karaoke night.
Down in the Dumps?
People are often
illogical, and selfcentered.
Forgive them
could destroy overnight.
Build anyway.
If you find serenity and
happiness, there m ay
be jealousy.
B e happy anyway.
If you are kind, people
m ay accuse you o f
being selfish, & having
alten o r m otives.
Be kind anyway.
The good you do
today, people w ill forget
tom orrow .
Do good anyway.
If you are successful,
ou will w in som e false
riends and som e true
enem ies.
Succeed anyw ay.
G ive the w orld the best
you have, and it m ay
never be enough.
G ive the w orld
y o u r best anyway.
If you are honest and
frank, people m ay cheat
Be honest and
fran k anyway.
You see, in the final
analysis, it is betw een
you and God. It w as
never betw een you and
them anyway.
W hat you spend years
building, som eone
- K ent M. Keith