AMERICAN SOCIETY Mr. Carey “The Nation's Sick Economy

“The Nation’s Sick Economy “ CHAPTER 14 Section 1 Economic troubles on the horizon: There are five ‘signs’ of the economic troubles the US is facing. Briefly summarize each one: we will discuss them in class 1. Industries in trouble 2. Farmers need a lift 3. Consumers have less money to spend 4. Living on Credit 5. Uneven Distribution of income Hoover takes the nation: explain what each of the following is and how they contributed to the problems. Speculation and buying on margin Financial Collapse Bank and Business failures there are a good deal of numbers thrown at you during this section. What is the bottom line, or main point, of these paragraphs? How does the Hawley-­‐Smoot Tariff contribute to the worldwide depression? AMERICAN SOCIETY Mr. Carey