“Supersize Me” Film Discussion Questions

Modified 9/2015
“Supersize Me” Film Discussion Questions
Directions: Complete as you watch the film
1. In general, what was Morgan’s health status at the start of the project?
At the end?
2. How did Morgan feel after his first Supersize meal? Why do you think this happened?
3. According to the film, which is the fattest state in the country?
4. How are chicken Mc Nuggets made?
5. Why is the comparison between cigarette smokers and overweight people being made?
Does it appeal to logos, ethos or pathos? Explain.
6. Do you believe that people can have food addictions? Why or why not?
7. What role does personal responsibility play in people’s food choices?
How much choice do consumers really have in the fast food world?
8. What percentage of Americans get no exercise?
9. What percentage of your body weight should you lose to experience health benefits?
10. How long does it take Morgan to lose all the weight he gained in this 30 day project?
11. Did this movie change your view of fast food? Did this movie change your view of your own eating
habits? Explain your response.
12. Does our society promote an unhealthy attitude toward food? Explain.
Modified 9/2015
13. What impact can poor food choices have on:
An individual?
On the workplace?
On society as a whole?
14. Should any laws or policies be instituted to help combat obesity in North American society?
If so, what are they and how could they be enforced?
If not, why should we leave the current rising trend of obesity with all of its consequences
15. In an age when we have so much information at our disposal, why do we still make choices based on
advertising and marketing?
16. According to the film, what tricks does Mc Donald’s use to appeal to kids?
17. List 10 health risks associated with being obese.
18. Advertising affects us all, explain how advertising affects you (the things you buy, the food you eat, and
the places you go or want to go)?
19. In your opinion what was the most memorable part of Supersize me and why?
20. “Supersize Me” was made in 2004. What changes have you noticed at fast food restaurants since that
How are they helpful?
What work do they still need to do?