Nectar in a Sieve & Monsoon Wedding

Nectar in a Sieve & Monsoon Wedding
A Connection Essay
Very basic, very easy… a nice beginning paper for the course. Just keep in mind all the
things you have learned over the last three years and we’ll get through this painlessly.
 You are to reflect upon the novel and the movie and decide on three
connections that you can make between the two.
 These connections can be related to family life, values/morals, culture,
tradition, etc.
 Standard 5 paragraph format [Intro., 3 body paragraphs, conclusion]
 Must use QUOTES from novel to support your connections. Be
specific about parts of the movie that you are referring to, but you do
not need to quote directly from the film.
 You must include a WORKS CITED page with your book and the
film, in proper format, as the last page of your paper. You might as
well get used to it—you’re going to be required to use citations for the
rest of your life.
 Paper is worth 85 points under the writing category (30% of final
 You want this assignment to be free of errors [grammar, homonyms,
etc.] and to show your capabilities as a writer.
Don’t forget that the English Dept. late policy is strictly enforced. If you do not have
the paper by said due date you lose 10% a day—up to three days, then it’s a 0.
Bottom Line: Hand it in on time!
With that said… This paper is DUE TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5TH